Graduation Ceremony at Nanyang Poly for My Brother

A week ago, my brother officially graduated from his school Nanyang Polytechnic when he received his diploma. It was a very proud moment for him and the family and no matter how much he tried to shake off from the fact that he failed his O level back then in 2012, I couldn't help but think about  how he got turned down by various polytechnics as he didn't score well enough to even enter the courses with the lowest cut off points. The past shapes your present and future self for better or for worse.
However, in despair moments like this, we either give up, choose the easier route or we brush ourselves and then give it another go, even if it means staying back for a year and making things right. I am glad he followed my plan but I think the real winner was how he didn't let circumstances pull him down, worked even harder and made sacrifices so that he can get better results. 

I didn't care much about how we were going to pay for the course fees because I heard some people could not afford. Coming from a family that isn't well to do, I thought that this may pose a problem but I really wanted him to get in and finding the fund can be done later. Thankfully, I read through enough of the admission package to actually figure out how we were going to pay for the course for those who require financial assistance. In the end, we didn't have to pay a single cent so we were basically safe when it comes to course fees. 

Of course his poly education was not without ups and downs just like every other student who goes through schooling life. Infact, Nothing in life is smooth sailing but he takes it in his stride by doing his best because I've always encouraged him so that he doesn't think it's the end, making myself as the example as we both are pursuing education in the same institution. 

For his 3rd year, I also encouraged him to find part time work and while he was of course quite unhappy at first because it meant loss of freedom on weekend, and then having to work after school on certain days, he enjoyed his work very much and his studies didn't quite get affected. Of course initially it was hard but he got around it and at one point, he was earning two salaries, one from the internship and the other with the part time job as a barista.

As a sweet reward for his dedication to save and something to show for in his one year working as a part time barista, he got himself a 13 inches Macbook Air which is the latest version released less than a month ago with his more than a year savings plus part of his salary from this month. I contributed a little so that he could get a better version which he initially felt bad because he had to use my money but I said that it was okay, since I am going to use it anyway and that I will be receiving my $1K reward for the completion of my education. Plus it's better than using our current laptop with a cracked screen that is getting worse and worse over time.

So below are the pictures from the graduation ceremony. Once again, I'm proud of you my little brother and hope that this will not be the end of your pursuit for higher education. Always aim high in life :)

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