Sunday, May 22, 2016

Learning a Costly Lesson

This week isn't a good week for me. Point in case, I'm aching all over from fever and cold. On a weekend. On a public holiday. Early this week, I took a tumble when I tried to jump over to avoid the ankle deep of water when there was a safer way to go as prompted by my other colleague. I was taking an umbrella shelter from a colleague who couldn't stop yapping and I dodo followed her jump. The next thing I fell almost flat on my face when my sandal got caught in the mud except that I used both my arms to break the fall and hence protect my face from further damage. I escaped with very minor scratches on my palm but the arms ached like hell the next two days. 

Then mid week, I could not use my atm card at all even to withdraw money and the next day, same thing happened again until I had to call the number on the card because I felt something was not right. My aching suspicion was correct that my account was frozen except that I didn't know why until after I called and then I felt like my world was about to tumble. But somehow I accepted the reality and then next day, I had to make a call to a stat board to rectify this problem before my account gets unfrozen. So in short, my money in the account was gone to pay off for the outstanding bill. Thankfully, I didn't have to top up to pay for the rest of the amount and will have to pay it off in my next pay. 

Also, I managed to recoup back half of the amount from my sales this week itself. I will slowly try to recoup back the balance although it also means managing my finances even more tightly. I don't know when I will get the $1000 reward for the completion of my studies but until then, I will stay on course. Yesterday I overheard a phone conversation of a guy sitting next to me in the train and I guessed he had the same problem as me two days earlier because he was complaining about being unable to use nets and withdraw, I suppose. When I heard the name of the stat board, I had this a-ha..I was right. I don't know how much he owed and if they are going to take everything he has in this bank account, practically wiping it just like how mine was. It's definitely going to be painful if that's all the money he has.

For me, I didn't keep all my money inside that account so I could somehow still survive. But it is still definitely a costly lesson for me for putting things off which honestly is one of my worse habits. It should be a top priority and it's not as though it's an amount that I can't manage especially when they bill at a time when I still have my salary bonus, you know. So I can't blame them for taking such drastic measure as I've been putting it off for rather long time when previously, when I was still struggling on my measly pay, I still somehow managed to pay it off in full and they only bill once a year.

Of course by then it will be too late. You have to be more pro-active with a sense of urgency instead of taking things for granted. 

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise too as I did want to clear my outstanding bills with them as I do have plans to join them in future as my next career of choice. I know seems ironic, isn't it. Maybe God is also paving the way for me besides teaching me a costly lesson. I admit at that time, while I am slowly accepting that fate of mine, I looked around me and I did wonder whether people are always so shiny and happy and if they have own problems too. I know they do too but at some point, sometimes you think your problem is bigger than theirs. 

Then hearing about how other people, despite the challenges they are facing, they still try to live life as best as they can, knowing their life can be taken away from them any time if their body starts to slowly shut down to their illness. Like not being able to enjoy birthday celebrations of your children, seeing them grow up, when dealt with a cruel twist of fate. Therefore, whenever possible, we are actually very lucky indeed. Imagine being in a war torn country where food is hard to come by. There's no such as thing as mcdelivery when we have no food at home. Imagine losing your home and living in the quarters with other families with no sense of privacy. So don't ever take life or things for granted. Let's learn our lesson and move on with our life.

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