Sunday, May 15, 2016

Graduation Ceremony at Nanyang Poly..and Where Should I Go From Here

Last Monday, I graduated. I remembered I kept toying over wanting to continue my education but couldn't get around it because of the high school fees until I went to a course a few years back and I got more encouraged about how this lady I met was pursuing her further education. And the fees that she mentioned seemed like a fair amount to pay being under $1000. I just got more and more interested when I did my research and then I would also be able to get financial assistance through bursary disbursements. Of course I was nervous at the same time because I also had to fork out my own money but I was determined to pursue this diploma course so I tried my best to finance them using a combination of my savings, bursary payout, salary and bonus.

Never once did I think about wanting to drop this course half way. Of course at one point, I was exasperated at the amount of studying I had to do plus projects and tests. Some more I'm not one of those book smart people who can grasp things easily. So there were frustrations. But I never thought for once that I want to drop out. I just want to continue and get it over and done with.

Again I can't emphasise over how blessed I am getting classmates that are selfless and willing to share notes and stuffs just so that everybody can graduate together. It's really heartening I must say. I can say for now that if  I were to join another course in future, I don't think I would ever get such company of people again because everyone is just so selfish these days wanting to get ahead instead of helping other people behind them even though we share the same motivation.

Sadly I didn't get to take group pictures with them as I was late but it's alright. I took pictures still, with my family, because they have been supportive in ways that they can.

So where should I go from here? It's funny how when I was studying, I wanted to graduate asap because I can't stand the amount of work that I have to do just to pass each module, lol. But now when I am not studying, I feel like I want to continue right here right now. Although now I'm used to my relaxed schedule, I still have a nagging feeling things have changed. My next plan of action in terms of further education is to pursue the Degree in Business from Unisim that also caters to adult learners too. So from this pay onwards, and after I get my reward for the completion of the course, I am going to start saving for it so that I can pursue it in two year's time. Oh, speaking of which, our diploma course got a special mention along with another similar course during the speech emphasising on how it is challenging for adult learners to cope with the studies while having a full time job and other commitments such as family commitments. 

But during the opening speech, I am also awed by how young these achievers are and how far they've come from being average students to excelling in their studies when they were in poly. They even had many other things to juggle including running a business while pursuing their full time studies as well and doing philantrophy works. Wow. Good job, youth of today. While people have been saying that this young generation is more like the strawberry generation, there are many gems among them who are working hard for a better future while still having fun while they're at it. I hope they will be valuable contributors to the society and the economy in future.

After the graduation ceremony, we went to Swenson's because my brother wanted to treat us out for post Mother's Day celebration and also as a nice end to both our graduation ceremonies. So touched by his gesture and may he be blessed with abundance for helping the family.

Alright, here are the pictures :)

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