Monday, April 18, 2016

When He Doesn't Lose His Gaze on You

Oh the feeling of being in love!! I've been watching the wedding scene of the Shadowhunters where one of them was about to get married for the sake of family honour, although he was not really in love with the girl he proposed to. She is beautiful and looks so 'wow' in her beautiful embroideries dress but in the end, he chose an 800 year old warlock who of course, had to make to make a grand entrance.

We have to see how it all panned out in Season 2 and while they take some major elements from the book, it's an entirely different interpretations but I do hope they work out something in their relationship as one is a mortal and the other is immortal. The gnawing thought that the one who is immortal watches the people he care about age and die, will be an issue they will have to figure out and eventually accept.

That brings me to this. Does the person who love you for who you are, but as time passes by, our skin lose elasticity, we may put on weight, lose the youthfulness and we start to care less about our appearance because we are pretty much settled and comfortable from where we are right now. Do we still look as attractive to him as we were when we're young and in love. Of course there are those blessed ones, though they showed signs of aging, still look young for their age. But for the majority of us, what if we look different now more than back then when we first proclaim love to each other?

The thing about love is that everyone deserves love. When you love someone, you love him or her beyond their physical appearance. 'Til Death Do Us Part. A part of us will die when the one whom we love dearly passes on. But the memories live forever in our mind as long as we are alive which are more priceless than the gifts exchanged between each other and all those lunch or dinner dates. It's the company of each other through the pleasant times when you share the joy and laughter and the unpleasant times where you promise to be there for each other no matter what.

So don't underestimate yourself. Unlike the fictional world like in the books, there are no immortals and we are just mortal beings navigating through life and experiencing what life has to offer, the good and the bad, which includes finding the love of our life who will cherish us, and who doesn't lose his gaze on his chosen one, even after many years of being in the relationship :)

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