Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tolerating with My Mum's Quirky Toilet Hygiene

I'm very upset about my mum's toilet hygiene that it drives me nuts and it's not just that, there are some things that drives me nuts too and it takes a toll on me because I wish she doesn't get upset easily and be so anal about it that it consumes her like it's the only thing that matters to her and nothing else. She doesn't want to hear your stories, she doesn't care about the water wastage and her weird habits in the toilet whether about bathing time or you know, do your toilet business time, she takes water wastage to the next level.

And you know who takes the brunt of it? Me. It will be just a momentary time when she thinks shes' wasting water but then later, it's as though she never thought about how much water is wasted. When I think that I've pretty much cleaned up whatever I can during bath time, she thinks it's not enough. It has to coincide with her ironing and being done with it. Then furthermore, she's always lost in thought thinking about so many things, mostly irrelevant, that suddenly she's like 'bing!' back to reality and she assumes I only spend 10 minutes in the shower and taking notes of the noises in the toilet such as the water flow and the flushing of the toilet associating with washing the floor and cleaning the floor.

You know if her toilet habits are like that for her personally, then it's really something I can't change. But when she implements those on me, it gets on my nerves. I know I'm the complete opposite of her when it comes to toilet hygiene although lest you think I am very dirty, I do what is required and even more time than what normal people usually spend because my mum seriously dislike me and my brother taking a very short time in the toilet for whatever reason.

For my brother, don't have to say, he's the dream come true for her in terms of toilet hygiene and hardly ever gets rapped. It becomes a habit for him to take a long time in the shower for fear of my mum and he takes it a tad too far. For me, I feel more impact because like I said, I'm the one who is paying the water bill which is out of this world which also makes me upset because I don't like to pay extra especially when they come aknocking wanting to cut off my water supplies. The only way to appease them is to actually pay those outstanding bills which mind you can run to hundreds, money that could benefit other things instead you know.

I know the only two solutions I can think of is to either get married and move out of here or just get a bachelorette apartment and live or my own which I think is more highly likely than the first option knowing that marriage is not on my card. I don't want to think of her demise as the final solution because that is such a morbid thought so as for now, I know I can't be perfect in her eyes in terms of toilet hygiene. So I just have to follow along her game rules, sigh.....I hope I don't get killed by the water bill soon.

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