Beautiful Soul from Within

Excuse my lack of pictures in my recent posts. Haven't been venturing out that much but I can assure my upcoming posts will have pictures but mostly those of dinners, haha. I thought I wanna share more of my opinions. It goes with age you know, coming to be in the mid thirties, lol.

Speaking of which, at this age, I would be more comfortable in my skin that I was back then in my twenties. Well I would say that I am more zen than back then when looking good was all that matters. I rekindled with make up which I used to be obsessed with and dressing up a little more. I can continue to be dress up to make me feel good and a little make up too, not so much to impress people, but because I just want to have that little boost.

However, do I have to hide underneath these pretty clothes and veil of make up just to make myself feel good? Hard to say but what I find helps me when I'm feeling meh, even with make up or a nice blouse, or when the comparison game begins with other ladies, is to tell myself that confidence starts from within. Like I simply do not want to tell myself oh if I were to lose weight on this part, or if thighs were slimmer or I don't have a weird round face, I will look so much better with this make up or in this clothes.

If you have a beautiful soul, is kind to others and not stingy with your smiles, you have this aura coming out from you that it makes you really attractive and people see you beyond your looks. There was this inspirational article where a woman had burns on 65% of her body and she lost her fingers and thumb that when she had to go through skin drafting, she looked completely different. Any sane person would be horrified if one have to go through such drastic transformation that it's easy to give up in life if there's not enough strength in oneself to carry on living and certainly without the backing of love and support from closed ones. The public will ridicule and most people will turn their eyes towards their attention and you just want to either creep somewhere or stay home for the rest of your live.

But this woman has a beautiful soul from the start and her husband saw her beyond what she has on the outside. Other people may choose to leave her and go for those 'normal' looking women but he said he married her because of her beautiful soul. That is so touching to the max! 

With all those popular instagrammers with their stylized posts and their huge following wanting to be just like them instead of feeling good about themselves. You can be thin, drop dead gorgeous, chubby or seemingly ordinary looking, if you can embrace who are you from the inside, even with no make up and dressed up in simple shirt and jeans, people will still accept you for who you are as long as you are willing to accept yourself, flaws and all :)

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