New Discovery & Catching Up on Reading

I just discovered a new show which actually just ended its run and that episode was actually the penultimate to a relationship that everyone was hoping for throughout its run. But they saved it for the best or at least in its second last episode. I was also thinking, heh..good thing I only got whiff of this show when it was about to end. This show is called Shadowhunters Mortal of Instruments based loosely on the books by Cassandra Clare. Of course it's so different from the books based on the quotes and excerpts I read online but you know, the tv business is a different foray altogether. I couldn't care less about the fighting scenes but what I like about the show is how they intertwined lessons in life such as being true to yourself instead of conforming on what you think is right only when at the end of the day, you will just end up miserable your whole life. My favourite character is that of Magnus Bane, the warlock who later fell in love with the eldest shadowhunter. But I was so impressed on the acting abilities of Harry Shum, Jr which I felt was totally underused when he was in Glee. The only two things I remembered from that show was his rock solid abs and dancing skills, that is all. But in this show, he truly shined.

Despite the show having finished its run, it started on a new thing for me which is catching up on the book series. This is no twilight or any other vampire series. It's about shadowhunters which I'm still glossing over their descriptions because I was more interested in that lone warlock who is sassy, has magical powers, immortal and yet have a heart of gold. I borrowed the book called The Bane Chronicles because I want to find out more about him. I'll get to the shadowhunters series in a bit.

But the funny thing was that this book was in the young adult fiction section and I'm far from being a young adult, lol. So when I got to the unheard of level, which was for these people, I seriously felt like 1000 pairs of eyes looking at me and felt out of place. Good thing I did a search online as to where the book is located and it was just a matter of finding that shelf so I can get the heck out of there. So far, I'm enjoying my reads.

I actually do read in case you're wondering but mostly non fiction books that are focused on self improvements. Of course now that I have more free time, aka not studying..sniff, I could afford to spend time reading fiction books because as much as I feel like ok, it's not really my kind of thing, but at times you need to get away from the realms of reality for a bit and get lost in the made up world, even with vampires or warlocks. I also want to start reading back my favourite author Clive Cussler which I've enjoyed his books and have quite a collection from back then during my secondary school days. Of course now our libraries are well stocked with books and since space is an issue in my room, I normally resort to borrowing. Save some money and space.

I did however buy one book of his but just $5.00 because it was on sale. Not sure if it's a second hand book but it doesn't matter. Now I just have to find out where I last saw it, haha. I don't know what I was thinking at that time because obviously I had to focus more on my school as exams were drawing near back then when I purchased the book. Since then, I had left it aside and now am more determined to catch up on his works.

So back to the tv series and the shadowhunters book series. So far it offers an easy read though still imaginative although at some points, the writer is writing as though just wanting to feed the readers' obsession with the relationship between a warlock and a shadowhunter. We don't mind though, haha. Then as I read through her online excerpts and her answers to the fans, she is changing certain elements that I dunno, in my own opinions, are suited to what the fans want. I hope she doesn't lose the essence of her imagination just to bring in more moolah for herself by simply catering to fans, if you know what I mean.

I don't exactly know how this book business works but I know it can be very lucrative when your books get attention and you get tv and movie deals. However, I do hope it doesn't encourage future or current authors to be motivated by the fame and fortune that comes if you hit that sweet spot. 

Enough of my small rant. For now I want to thank that TV show for helping me to go back to the reading  path and enjoy being immersed in another world of imagination. Plus now, I don't care if a thousand pair of eyes are going to stare at me next time, haha.

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