Life Purpose & The Definition of Being Rich

Different people have different definitions of money although essentially, money is just paper that we trade off for experience, to buy essentials needed to survive, further our education and so on. Money is important but only for the things that we truly need such as for some of the reasons above and not to spend it carelessly as though there is no value to it.

The video below is truly an eye opener and I am truly impressed on how he valued money, but only based on his efforts to earn them and not to take pity on him. While he struggles to make ends meet by selling street food and is visually handicapped, he knows there are people who are more needy than him. Mostly everyone wants to be rich but does only money can make one truly rich?

I want to be rich too and while I used to share the opinions of plenty of other people that being rich is simply to have a LOT of money, it is not the means to an end. One can be rich with money but poor in values. I am sure you have experienced the likes of these kind of people.

I guess it comes with age as well that I question life more and how best I want to spend it. I realised that I've been leading my life without any definite purpose but simply as come what may. I want to lead a life of purpose and would like a strong desire for a rich and comfortable life for me and my family. To me, being rich is to be rich in moral values, experience, new skills and a good amount of savings for emergency and to further my education and invest in my online business. Comfortable meaning, to be as free as possible from money woes, knowing that I don't have to constantly worry about supporting my family financially and settling my debt.

Here's the video as promised and I hope you can learn a thing or two from him as well.

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