Dinner at Ramen Ten / Shin Tokyo Sushi

We wanted to eat something and on the urging of our mum, to eat proper food instead of fast food (like we usually do..lol) since she was not cooking dinner, we settled for Ramen Ten. We didn't want to spend a lot of money just on food because there's no occasion for it, just casual dinner and we initially went to Pastamania. However, it was outdoor and started to rain so we changed our mind and went inside the building to eat Ramen Ten.

Still being on a budget, we were careful not to overspend and chose a bowl of Ramen with Karage Chicken, Fried Ramen with Grilled Chicken, and two sets of sushi. We are not very experimental with sushi so we chose the cooked version, which is egg mayo and tuna mayo. Nothing fancy schmancy.

There weren't a lot of people and we waited quite awhile for our food to be served, although funny enough, two times they served us with drinks and followed by food but they didn't belong to us. The service was pretty slow, so much so, my brother just out of the blue remarked 'so slow!' before catching himself saying it since normally, he wouldn't have passed such a remark.

That aside, our food was good and I guess there are probably much better Ramen out there since there are so many famous Ramen restaurants. But we didn't have a lot of choices because it's one of the very VERY few choices of Halal Ramen that we can get.

Nothing fantastic but the broth wasn't salty and nice to eat to the last drop. The ramen noodles were pretty generous and the grilled chicken was..er..grilled to perfection. I am not sure if because of the grilling, our food took a while to be served.

If you favour spicier broth, they have such option too and I would say, they have quite a number of both spicy and non-spicy options. Don't want Ramen? They have also rice meals served bento style and with a Western fusion style.

Price wise, we spent around $44 plus including the drinks. If you want to further slash the total cost, you can go without drinks if you intend to get the non-spicy broth. I'm not sure if they serve plain water so wouldn't hurt to ask. But if you ask me, their other drinks are pretty pricy and if they really don't serve plain water, they have mineral water at $2.50.

We have the option of sitting at either the table or near the mini travellator.

The address is:

Ramen Ten Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road, #01-22 Far East Plaza, Singapore228213. Operating Hours: 11.30am – 10.00pm (Daily)

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