A Classmate Gathering cum Birthday Dinner at Satay By the Bay

I'm so happy I get to have another round of satay and grilled  prawns! Yums. But what I loved even more is the turn out of the class reunion. I don't know if it's technically called reunion because we haven't finish school yet, lol. Let's hang tight for yet another one year. Yes, you heard me right. ONE YEAR. It felt only yesterday that I studied like God knows how much I can squeeze into this small brain of mine.

Anyway, not only was it a gathering, it was a birthday celebration for a very very very dear classmate of ours. She has been very encouraging, and generous, not only in treating us on more than one occasion, but in sharing her notes that she took more than a day to prepare, just like that to us. Without her law notes, I don't know if I could even pass the second business law test because I seriously didn't have time to make notes because I was so busy at that time, making 300 cards. 

She had her own setbacks too last year and almost wanted to give up. But she pushed through and she encouraged us all to do the same too when we had our setbacks.

I simply love this class and I can't thank God enough for the wonderful company of people, knowing that I'm this really shy and introvert person who often struggle in making new friends.

There was some confusion over where to meet but in the end, despite having to walk quite a far bit and my classmate complaining over the heat, it was a worthwhile treat. I feel like going there again. The satay was alright but I really loved the roasted chicken and the yummeh satay prawn. I think I would defo go again this month IF my performance bonus this month is worth it, lol.

We only had one group photo but it was definitely a photo to be treasured in years to come. By the way, I didn't take these photos which explains why the photo taking is way better.

The food is from Satay By the Bay and you can take the shuttle bus from outside Marina Bay.

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