Inspirational Video "I am My Own Rescue"

Among the hullabaloo on the blogosphere of Singapore, with the so called influencers, and also some people who dipped their toes into it to get 'hits' for their blogs. As readers, we should be able to see if some things are worth reading and giving our attention to, with our already precious time. I know I am not one of those influential bloggers and if you are here reading my regular posts, I thank you for it. I like to write or blog as a way of putting words into my thoughts, share my experiences and also to share some things that are able to inspire you. 

Life can be tough and can also be cruel but if we can change the situation and make it better for our own goodness and brighter future, we will feed our minds with positivity. We will fuel our subconscious minds with the rewards we want to achieve, and knowing that we will get to that point in future by making plans and working hard towards it. 

I am in the midst of reading this wonderful book and will share some things that are noteworthy in upcoming posts so that we all can make changes in our life.

Now I remember so clearly just last year from October onwards right up to my payday in December, how I am in the brinks of near poverty. But God didn't let me fall. Nobody knew about my problems and every day I prayed hard that I would be able to buy things home for the family. I hate to be stuck in this situation ever so often that after I received money from my December salary which included bonus, I told myself that I will NOT be poor anymore. 

I had been so dirt poor before that I had to sell of things second hand for an amount that was barely $10 just so that I would be able to have money for transport to go to work the next day. Even then, every single year, I would be so broke although not entirely broke as back then, to the extent I had to sell of my own personal possessions, including my phones.

We can rise above poverty and with this strong determination, we can rescue ourselves and nobody is going to help you with that. You put your plans into motion, hoping for the best only and things will just keep coming for your own benefits.

I first watched this video from my facebook feed and I had known about the speaker but didn't know about her backstory. I suggest you spend about 6 minutes of your time watching this inspirational video how she rose from the brink of poverty to a best selling author, motivational speaker and owning companies worth multi-millions.

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