Is Marriage Really for Everyone?

A couple of weeks ago, my friend was telling me about how her friend who is going through a divorce, met someone at a wedding party and they instantly clicked. And I mean clicked as in started to make out with each other already, lol. Okay that was fast. Every since then, they have been dating for about a month and is set to get engaged.

Then I looked at my friend, who has been avoiding the topic of finding her significant other for so long, and then now thinks that she has possibly taken it too seriously and would love to settle down soon. She has an awesome personality, many good friends, has a kind heart and everyone loves her. Yet, she has trouble attracting love.

I'm completely the opposite of her but I'm in no hurry and I know myself well enough that marriage is not for me. It's not that I don't deserve it and I bet all married couples are still trying to find their way around how to make their marriage works like an ongoing learning process. But really, it's not something that I want in life. At least not for now. 

But just like life's unexpected twists and turns, things can happen you know. 

When you're ready for something mentally, you open up yourself to the universe which responds back with many possibilities. It's not going to be a smooth ride but if you're lucky, it can happen when you least expect it. Someone from the past, that you think a romantic relationship will never happen, comes back and gives you the hope that this guy or girl could be the one for you. Or someone from your present life that all this time, you have treated as a good friend, changes feelings for you into a level deeper than that of a friendship. Last but not least, meeting with someone new where you least expect to find a romantic interest. But you clicked so well with the person, that it doesn't take long before you both start to 'pursue' each other, pretty much like my friend's friend.

I've not opened myself up to that sort of possibilities as there's too much on my plate right now. But just like a good ol' saying, if you've found someone that truly cares for you and would put themselves through danger for you (swoons at The Originals Aiden's dedication....haha), I suggest, instead of asking, why do you choose ME..what have I got that makes you like ME..ask yourself, how can I make this work. 

You will be surprised at your own abilities when you set mind to making things work for you and this also applies in all areas of your life. I never think I could make a side income but I manage to and even though it's still a work-in-progress, when you're committed to doing something, you will overcome the challenges by thinking of ways to make things work.

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