Hanging in There - Ed Sheeran Style

When my brother told me about the story that his friend shared on the facebook newsfeed that Ed Sheeran used to be a busker, I was like..nooo...this guy is like one of the biggest stars to have come out from the UK and successfully breaking into the US market. He came to Singapore recently and based on the you tube videos posted by his fans during his performance, he is an absolutely a musical wonder! So blown away by his talent.

His passion for music is so deep that he was scoring gig after gig and often had to sleep out including in the London subway just to be able to make it to the next gig the following day.

And if you read about his strict upbringing, including no tv and no console games, and instead indulging him to watch performances by musical legend seeing how much he loved music which shaped his music career further. What is even more amazing, despite knowing half of the celebrity world both in the US and UK, and of course a multi-millionaire with his best selling albums, he is still very grounded and simply want to perform music for the masses.

He teaches that if you want to be successful, you just simply do what you should be doing like hustling your way to make a name for yourself, even if the beginning seems rough so that people will notice you. You can read more about him in the link below

Ed Sheeran

Currently, things aren't exactly looking up for me in terms of my online biz. But if I were to choose between passion and money, I don't think I could. I definitely need money but without passion, it can also be a drag the minute you wake up if you're about to do things that you lack in passion. 

Passion will bring in money as reward as a way of the universe responding to your hard work and dedication. If we don't get overly consumed by money, by valuing money, instead of throwing it carelessly spending it away, money can be used for good like further education, travel experience or simply bringing our family out in restaurants that we used to just pass by and thinking one day, we shall dine in there and eat good food.

Back to Ed Sheeran's story. He wanted to give up too because after doing gigs for 3 years, it really came to a point it was not going anywhere. But he didn't give up and instead tried something else to see how it worked out and it worked out fine and better than expected, to a point a famous singer tried to contact him several times.

You should really read the story and let it be your story of the day to guide you through during your slumber period when things aren't so fantastic, pretty much like mine too.

We can do this, people!

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