Sumptuous Meal at Bali Thai Singapore

(note: this is not a sponsored post)

I had this meal over at Bali Thai in mid April and I tell ya, the food was soo good. My only grouch is that I ordered satay sauce with the phad thai but it was a tad too little. From their restaurant name, you know that they serve Bali and Thai food. What a great concoction of Asian dishes!

The best thing is that you can actually create your own noodle dish. Not literally in the kitchen but rather pick and choose what you would like, from the noodle type and the gravy.

Another winner is their Satay and if you're in a group, you can buy their Combi Bakar (Mixed BBQ Platter) which you can share. I do find their tom yam broth too spicy though. But then again, maybe it's just my taste bud although I can endure spicy food. 

The price wise, I would say that it's mid-range so if you're planning to share the total price or to celebrate a special function, you may consider this place as your next food destination.

Find out more about them via their facebook page here

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