Delaying Things...& Bearing the Consequences

About two weeks ago, I had a mini breakdown. I literally cried because I was so disappointed with myself for not following up with something that I thought had little importance. Turned out that I didn't read the clause and end up, my brother's money was stuck in the account. All we had to do was to activate the new card given to us and unfortunately, we didn't and we end up having the two cards cancelled. The activation can be done at the branch itself but unfortunately, the card belonged to my father who is no longer around and my brother has been using the card. Naturally, they would ask for identification and then we couldn't produce it obviously and in the end, the card could not be activated and the money was stuck inside.

So I became so disappointed I cried when we left the bank because I felt like I was responsible. I did remind my brother about activating it but I should have known better that he would take his time too and eventually forget. The matter was only resolved this afternoon, after I attended a study group and had to leave halfway because we wanted to settle it. We had to involve my mother and told her that the banks had cancelled the cards so we have to bring her along because she is, by right, the next in line to receive the money (though technically, it's my brother's money). Lucky thing she didn't flip out or panic. Okay fine, the only time she panicked only when I was running late and the bank was going to close.

Unfortunately, the bank account had to be closed in order to get the money out. Even though it was a non-issue for them, my brother now has no choice but to make use of his own account. Another issue is to apply for an atm card for him so that he can deposit and withdraw his money at a convenience. Now, the money is in cash form and I'm holding it for him although he's grudgingly kind enough to loan to me and my mum $50 each, hehe. That $50 will be used for my upcoming trip to Malacca next week.

So lesson learnt here, never ever delay things at last minute or before it's too late. This coincides with another lesson I learnt (geez...see what a klutz I am) which is to remember where exactly my documents by being more alert especially when I'm cleaning the room. The whole day and night I was occupied with where have I placed the important document and I just couldn't recall and by the time I reached home after 11.30pm, I immediately searched for it. I was praying the whole time after lesson ended to hopefully find it. So as I was opening the second drawer, I saw something. Not the actual thing but a very important clue as to where I have placed it. And immediately, as I went to the other side of the room, I found in a file which I TOTALLY could not recall at all as much as I tried to. 

So yes, I was in such big dilemmas. I don't want this to happen again because once I have experienced it, I would say that they are lessons learnt hard.

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