Making Hard & Unconventional Decisions

What happens when you have to make unpopular decisions, that many people will disagree but you felt like it's the best decision for you. Often, you will come across such crossroads and then you have to weigh against what your heart desires and what other people think.

Many successful entrepreneurs or individuals have made unpopular decisions even under the tightest circumstances that they are under. When they think that this is the end, they can't go further than this, but with unwavering support, grit and determination, the impossible can turn into a possible.

I believe there are roadblocks in every pathway we choose. I never thought I would continue my studies but I did and even though my last result was dismal, I don't want to make it like it's the end. It may not be a degree but I'm hoping that with this diploma, I may be in better places that will eventually make me realize my dream of having a degree, no matter what age I am. There are those who quit their jobs, to go into studies full time, even though they have to put their marriage plans on hold. However, they didn't stop there. They took on freelancing jobs to get it going because there is no way you can survive here in Singapore without some form of income. I don't wish to struggle all the time, hence I work hard to ensure money comes in every week, in bits and pieces, no less...but I'm hoping in the near future, it will be much more than now. For now, I just have to keep at it and work harder.

I've come across decisions made which I felt strongly disagreeable because based on experience, and the person's situation, this will be very very tough. But what I hate to be is someone who puts a stop to something that may turn out to be better. We may be adults but sometimes, we do make decisions that are too emotional and without much thought.We may beg and plead for the person to change the mind, if they've made up their mind, there is little we can do except to just be there when things don't turn out as planned. 

If you have made decisions or are making big decisions in life right now, please breathe and I know sometimes we just don't want to listen to other people for fear that we get sidetracked. But do listen and make decisions from there. It's always good to hear from all points of view and from angles that we never thought about. The road we pave may not be the conventional one but if we can overcome the obstacles, without too much trouble on others, then we're truly on the road to discovery to perhaps something better.

All the best!


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