My Brother Turned 19!!

Somebody turned 19 recently last month! Time has passed by so fat. I remembered how fat and chubby he was when he was a baby that carrying him wasn't my favourite because he was so heavy. However, I loved playing with him, hearing him chuckle was one of my favourites (besides turning him over).

But now this boy is almost at the end of his teenage hood. So far, I appreciate his presence, his sometimes emo-ness like any typical teenager, his warmth with his friends and the people he meet, unlike the rather cold and quiet me, and he is adventurous in his own ways, as long as they don't involve high risks, haha.

So far ( far), he has been a good boy, good in saving his money instead of carelessly spending his money away, and he's really fuss free but like any other teenagers his age, he does have his fussy moments with food, in particular our own traditional food. Oh, and chilli sauce. He just hates it so much. 

I wish I could provide more for this boy because being a sole breadwinner, earning this much of money only for our family of three, there's only so much I can do. But he doesn't always complain although once in awhile, he does have his grouches, which I don't blame him for. While it's comfortable staying here, I must admit the cost of living here is really high. However, hope he knows I try my best each and every day to put food on our table.

Once again,


(hope he reads this..haha)

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