Depressing Marks & A Wake Up Call

What if life gives you a wake up call making you think harder and reflect on what you have been doing so far. Just when you thought you have everything under control and then wham! You hit a brick wall.

That is what's going with me right now, when I got the results of my last paper. I couldn't even bear to write the name of the subject here coz it's that depressing. Eurgh. I guess I was looking at the questions from a different angle and failed to answer them point blank with theories that will give me the marks for the key points.

I don't know why I looked at that angle. I guess I was used to such questions asking in such manner, though that was years and years back. 

But the underlying problem is also because I guess I didn't put too much effort into them. I don't have the quick understanding of most people in the class. That is why I MUST spend more time with the books and understanding and grasping their concepts so that I can so called sail through the questions.

I spent too much time on running my online shop. This is certainly not like the previous module where I could study last minute and still manage to scrap through especially for the business IT which drove me nuts during the lessons for not being able to figure out. I had to sit down, read, understand and practice because I couldn't afford to fail the subject. 

The current subjects are heavy with information. I also have two projects to do. 

I promise this will be the lowest mark ever obtained by me throughout the course.

No point looking back. It's time to move forward and get those lost marks back through the projects.

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