Promotion Ceremony - Another One for Me!

So happy, I got yet another promotion! Wow, and within a span of 2 years. Great feeling and totally unexpected after all the scoldings and reprimanding I have been getting concerning my work, hee. But the the bottom line is, if you are willing to work hard and show them that you have learnt your mistakes, be tactful when dealing with customers and have great team work with your colleagues, then it's all good. 

But if you want to make it further, you must also be willing to share ideas, make improvements to the current work process and teach others when they're in doubt. It's really no point being selfish because you must know that you're working for the organization and not for yourself.

I have no idea how much my pay will increase but hopefully, it will be quite a substantial one. It's not that I am greedy but to just be able to further support my family. I did check my CV under HR online but it's stated as a $50 increment?! I hope it's not that low of an increment. Oh well, let's see how when the payslip comes in.

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