School Semester Ending Soon...& My Awesome Team Mates

My oral communications class is finally over!!! Ok technically not yet, because there are another 4 teams to present but the good thing, I just have to sit down and watch their presentation as mine is over and done with! Yayness.

Infact, my team became the first one to present because technically, one of the team members of the rightfully first team, decided not to show up. Because of her no show, we got an earful from the lecturer who usually doesn't mince her words but she does make sense, how odd that sentence is. 

For my classmate to decide not to come, because apparently she thinks she doesn't have enough good materials or whichever reason she has, to me it's a waste. Our semester is ending next week and she should have just got it over and done with. I mean I'm noooo public speaker material, I shudder at her looking at me present (apparently she knows I'm freaking out too) but it's all good when it's over. 

The thing is, if you have done your research very well, know your stuffs very well, and basically just kill it (or her) with your presentation, it's all good. I know I talked as if I'm some pro but we were all like dying prior to our presentation to the point we all actually came so much earlier just to prepare in case anything crops up.

I would say my team mates are awesome. I've heard horror stories, though so far, not from my class, although I would say that I still think that it isn't nice of her to leave her team in a lurch like that.It's not as though her team mates aren't nice or what. They really are and as team mates, they should help one another. Like I had some problems with my research, whether for this presentation or my upcoming business report for another assessment, but my team mates really helped  to give me pointers so that I am on the right track. For that, I'm really thankful and also because, we all did our part as delegated and we also have a good team leader who is also IT savvy.

Just like her, I'm not good at communicating but she really did well in her presentation, even without cue cards, but if she has made up her mind, I wish her all the best.

So yes, I have the last ICA (Individual Continual Assessment) this coming Monday for Business IT Applications and then just have to submit the report on Thursday and it's all good, baby! My next semester will be in April 21 but of course, I would have to wait for the cue to make the next payment. Yikes. I relied heavily on the money I've been making online which I have been saving for the last couple of months, from my bursary, and I've saved some from the December bonus as well. I will of course continue to work hard making the moolah online because it's my passion although yes, I have my off days.

It has been crazy for me working on my orders, studying for tests, doing my research for the final ICA and then juggling a full-time job. I have to wake up early so that I can clock in the time to make stuffs or do some research. I know what is the time I am most productive and most lazy. If I have no school on that day, it doesn't mean I will use the time to do my orders. I would rather rest well and wake up earlier. It's just how I roll.

So by next week, I will have one less thing on my plate now. 

Yay, can't wait for the long semester break!


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