All Aboard on the London Bus

Last Sunday, we had the privilege of going up the actual London public bus..even without leaving Singapore. I'm so happy! I've always had a dream of going to London one day and I know I will. Not sure when although I most certainly want to go to Australia after my studies. It will be like a dream come true to me to go on an airplane and fly there. 

I rushed home from gym and then got ready in a jiffy to go to the Garden by the Bay. I don't know why..up to last Sunday, I've been rushing back home from gym and then go out and head somewhere else. But it was an experience that was worth it. We were literally bus-crazy! And I think the Londoners who had gone up such buses throughout their life, would be saying to us, 'but it's just a bus...pfft', haha.

The bus seemed pretty small in the interior and I don't think many Londoners take public bus? Not sure. But I know our buses seemed bigger and we're already complaining about it ;p Oh well, what else are we good at. I would say it's small but cozy like a typical small coach bus in Singapore except that it has two stairways, one infront and one behind. People were often taking pictures from the second stairway because it's something unique about the bus as well. 

I thought there would be a snaking queue but there wasn't and many of those who were on the bus were young bus enthusiasts who were busy pressing this and that and talking technical stuffs only they know among themselves. They're like this groupie and they took photos of every corner of the bus, I assume.

Us? We were busy taking selfies. Check out our pics below! (do click for bigger pictures)

The majestic London bus

Basking in the limelight of the London bus

My brother was the most excited about this trip because he's a bus fan

The London bus against the back drop of the Sky Park.

After the photo taking and excitement, time to rest and enjoy the cool breeze

Thankfully it was free. Let's hope by going up this London bus, I'll eventually get to experience being in London itself one day :) I promise to think abundance and continue to save for a better future and to get to experience a world beyond our Singapore shores.

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