Facing Rejections & Dealing with Them

 I am currently on school holidays..yay! More time to sleep, rather than going back home late, play a little on the computer, sleep and then wake up early to do my orders or to revise or do research for my exams.

Life has been pretty okay for me until the last few days. Facing one rejection after another. In another blog, I was writing that I can't please everyone. They haven't been mean to me. Infact, they do feel bad about it that the works that I have done for them, isn't what they wanted. But, just like in real life business, you basically have good dealings and bad dealings. Just take facebook. Not every thing about them is flawless *cough* stocks *cough*...and you get the drift. But do they just leave it to be an ultimate failure and shut down facebook for good? No. In fact, they were in the recent news by acquiring whatsapp for a few billion dollars. My goodness. I feel like I'm working in the wrong industry, haha. What have I been missing in life, by not working in a social media related industry.

By acquiring whatsapp, which is practically in every smartphone, you can imagine how much more money facebook is going to make. So when you fail at something, do you just go somewhere to hide? No. In fact, I learnt from my mistakes. Next time, if I know that this customer is fussy or wants something exactly to be what they have shown, I shouldn't make too drastic changes. I know to me, it may look better but to them, they're seeing it as being entirely different. I guess it's like fusion food. Some people like the new improved version while some would prefer the good ol' traditional dish.

I also learn that it's important for my other blog, which also serves as a way for me to make money, apart from facebook, is to regularly update it and make sure everything is relevant. I made that undetected mistake where I didn't remove the pictures of the items for sales, which in fact, all of them had been sold,  and I had to bear the mistake. Okay, actually I didn't make a total loss. One of my fans bought another card from me, besides getting the one I gave away for free, which lessens the loss I made for the rejected card.

Speaking of rejection, back to the story on facebook, did you know that facebook rejected the co-founder of Whatsapp when he applied for the job? And that is after he was rejected by twitter.

Read the story here 

I am sure he was upset but did he kick up a big fuss over it? No. Infact, he went on eager to start another adventure of his own: starting whatsapp.

Life can be tough at times but that is how it is. At times, it just sets up you up for bigger things ahead. 

That's how I am going to deal with my rejections. Seeing how I can improve in my own personal life and in my online shop, and pray hard it will get better and better for me as long as I work hard and not be easily discouraged.

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