My Project 300..A Reward for Not Giving Up

Finally, I could write this post! 

I actually received an offer to do 300 (!) cards for the Primary One students in our school and it came at a time where I thought I wasn't doing so well in my online shop and I prayed every day, even when I was feeling tired as and when I was alone in public transport or walking to work that I would receive orders at least once a week to keep me and my family going. It's my second source of income and I know I can't rely just on my monthly income from work because it's not enough to support my family. Well, actually if my mum weren't so obsessed about certain stuffs from supermarkets, I would have probably saved some moolah. But it's okay. If there's some things that can't be changed, some other things can be adjusted like for instance, I rarely spend on lunch or dinner outside even though for 3 times per week, I have classes. 

I actually can survive on just a piece of fruit pre-lesson and during the break, I'll spend another 50 cents on a cup of cold Milo, twice a week, or my stomach will make ugly rumbling sounds. At work, I'll spend like only $4.00 per week on lunch bought from the canteen. Otherwise, it's just a simple sandwich with either peanut butter or nutella. It's been like that for years. Plus it helps that I love bread. I mean  it's a no brainer food for me because I'm quite restricted in my food choices.

But sometimes, I feel that I am not doing enough. I fall into the trap of not being able to survive and I did things in the past, that I'm not proud of, to continue supporting them until my next pay. I don't like the feeling and one day, God gave me a new life by giving me this additional financial support but the only catch is, I must continue to learn new ideas, stay hardworking and not to give up. I almost fell like giving up at some point like somewhere towards the end of last year, where I felt like I've done so much promotion and it's soooo hard for me to land at least one decent order. Then this offer came about to make the 300 cards and there is no WAY I'm turning it down and even though they felt that it was quite an impossible task for me, given the short time frame, I took the offer willingly and excitedly because I would get close to $1000!!

However, my time management sucks and I actually earlier on, enlisted the help of my other colleague and despite the initial difficulties, she and I trudged on and given the extended deadlines, we managed to complete the 300 cards including the additional last minute order of 27 cards. At that point of time, we thought we were going to faint.

I am so lucky she helped me and my brother also helped to make one batch of 20 cards and I paid him his due for those cards. By the way, she helped without asking anything in return but I paid for their meals from KFC which we ordered online on one of the working days. 

There are many things in life that I am grateful for and I'm also grateful with the fact that I didn't give up despite the situation I was in and I continued to believe in Him and I know, that good things will come in my life. That's not all, even when I received that order, in between, I also received other orders and I am back to being busy again with my online orders. So much so, I really need to carefully plan my time well to avoid disappointments. I felt that the sacrifices I make, like waking up one or two hours earlier before work, to work on my orders, are worth it.

So here's a snippet of the batch of cards I have made.

There's plenty more of these batches of 20 cards, which we then painstakingly paste name labels on the cover and also pasting the inside of the card with another piece of paper with the welcome message.

The money I received came in handy for me. While I have yet to splurge on that, except to use half to add on to my current income to spend on things and food for my family. Oh wait, I did buy two pairs of shoes from a sales. I don't know why, of all things I bought shoes, because I'm not a shoe fanatic but it gets boring for me to always don the same old pair of sandals to work. I need some variety, at least for my feet, haha.

So if there's one takeaway from this, I urge you to not give up on your dreams and even though there are tough times that we face in life, God is fair. He gives everyone equal opportunities but it's up to us to seek out these opportunities to improve our life while continuing to be humble and to do things with sincerity.

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