A Very Happy Lunar New Year 2014

I love Lunar New Year even though I don't celebrate because it means I will get NTUC vouchers from le workplace and it's great for me because, I go grocery shopping almost everyday. Yes, you read that right. I guess you can say I don't do grocery shopping on the 1st day of Lunar New Year itself, LOL..simply because all the shops are closed including major supermarkets. My mum has this obsession with certain grocery items and you must replenish it on a daily basis, otherwise it will be like as though she's missing an arm or leg. Don't you forget her 'most important' items, she'll give you hell for it.

Anyway, I'm glad I got the vouchers again because it will help to save costs especially during the times when well, I run low in cash. That's why I have the tendency to use it sparingly although my other colleagues use it namely to buy groceries for their lunar new year celebrations. The last voucher I used from the previous giveaway was mere days before its expiry date which is almost a year from there. 

So here's my lovely set of vouchers ^ ^

The two oranges symbolize 'gold' and the Chinese people believe in giving oranges in pairs. For example, two or eight. Even the hongbao money has to be in an even number. 

Somehow I prefer receiving in $10 denominations because if they give me $20, it makes it harder for me to use because I don't usually spend more than $20 unless over the weekend or on certain days where I have to top up certain things at home.

I actually have a picture of me and my other colleagues receiving the cash vouchers and the oranges but I don't know, I look funny in it, haha. 

To all my Chinese readers, have a Happy Lunar New Year!

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