Would You Date Me?

Life works in mysterious ways. Same thing I would say if some guy wanna date me and compared to me, he's got a  stable job with a good income, he's funny, intelligent, friendly, hardworking. Okay, I got a good stable job too but I guess the comparison will probably end there only.

But why would I want to think lowly of myself?

If a guy likes you for who you are, does it matter if the friends he have are that who obviously have a good life and enjoys some fancy performances, good dinner at restaurants and take part in numerous healthy activities together collectively as a group. Where else for me, I normally spend time with my family most times and meet up with the same ol' gal pals once a month or in two months.

How can I not think of myself like that when all my life I practically live it in such a way, going out with myself, shops for clothes at least once a month, spend time buying things for my hobbies, going gym and basically spend most times at home rather than go out and be adventurous. There's no 'we' when I do things except if I meet up with the gals and we take up the suggestions if any one of us offer any good ones.

As 'boring' as it may seem to others, I pretty much like my rather sedentary life.You know, life isn't about being more interesting than another person, or to be more physically beautiful, finding a rich husband, it's basically about living life to the fullest. To lead a life of quality by making every single day meaningful. This is one of the reasons why I started an online shop and started crafting for others such as making handmade cards, mini albums and such. I don't want to just lie down in bed after work after dinner, surf net and fall asleep before greeting the next day. I don't want to just go to work, do all the necessary paperwork then buy groceries after work.

At the end of the day, it's how you choose to live your life in your own terms. There are so many philosophies in life but I think the one that everyone should live by is to live each day as though it is your last. Not easy to do especially if you're a lazy bum like me, ha..but every small step in how we communicate with people, the way we carry ourselves and the things that we do, count towards leading a life of quality. 

Naturally, guys may want to date me and girls who are like me too. We may not earn much, we may not be the star workers, or we have a sedentary lifestyle, the point is...guys like girls who know how to lead their life and not spend time wasting the hours, minutes and seconds away.


Then, we do deserve such guys as mentioned in the early part of the post. In other words, we should stop looking down on ourselves. Instead of being a crybaby like oooh, I will never match up to his standards blah blah...do something about yourself. If I think I'm not as beautiful and slim as other girls, I just have to remember physical beauty will fade one day but the beauty that's inside of you, will remain.

So I shouldn't doubt myself. Obviously if he is of that status and he likes me, there is something in me that he sees that I can't see because I'm enshrouded in my self doubt. At the moment, I am not looking for anybody and I'm not puzzled I haven't been caught on other people's radar. I am meant to be undetected..haha. But like any other girls, I do have a desire to get to know other guys like go out for a movie with them, go to karaoke and sing badly, go for dinner and this is not compulsory, buy gifts for me, haha..but the point is, perhaps good things are worth waiting for. 

Perhaps there are so much things in my life that I need to correct before some guy decides that he wants to date me. Nevermind if it will lead to nowhere eventually but the point is, and I think you've hear me mention this several times in my blog, I just want to make new guy friends.

Honestly this whole blog post will not come about if not for the incident that happened few days because when a guy, nonchalantly, asked to give me a kiss as a farewell gift, and after that I thought who would wanna date me, let alone kiss me. I don't know if he means what he says but if I'm taking it out of context, meaning that he does mean it, I am touched. Yes, I know I freaked out but that is my natural reaction for someone who is under the radar of guys all this time.

I wrote this blog post to also tell me that it's not right for me to think I don't deserve his attention, coming again with the scenario that he does mean it. I look at myself and then compare myself to his counterparts who earn around the same as him, degree holder like him, hardworking and dedicated to his career, I said I will never be of that standard. I know at most I could get is just a basic diploma (more on that later) and I cannot be as friendly and jovial as him because I'm more introverted. But if he's willing to see past that, then I DO deserve his attention..ha!

Oh well. So much for trying to explain myself. One off things like this always shock my system. Whatever it is, shouldn't be thinking too much of it. After all, it could just be a casual remark that makes me think a heck lot of the possibilities.

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