Celebrating a Friend's Birthday!

My friend's so lucky! That's coz she gets to celebrate her birthday with us for the last two years..on the day itself! Well, probably she is wishing she will celebrate with her boyfriend instead, but hey..even if we're like the second option or something, she is still our friend and the way we see it, she still deserves the best gifts, as long as it is within our budget, ha!

So she wanted to eat at Fish and Co and I thought of the glass house opposite the Dhoby Gaut mrt. When we were there, it was not very crowded but then the crowd started to come in. But we still managed to get a seat thanks to a friend of mine, who helped to  book for us after googling for the number. When she does that, I wish I have an iPhone and not this dated blackberry phone. Oops. But I can't wait for next month where I get to have the newest model within my budget.

Anyhoo, we had fun and I suppose my friend got super hungry when she came and waited for me (argh..I was running late!) coz she bought like three side dishes, just for the two of us, LOL. But it's her birthday so I guess she can what she wants although she didn't like the crab cakes and I had to eat most of it. But it's ok for me because I hardly ever eat crab so I don't notice the 'crabby' taste as she mentioned and immediately didn't like. I know it's supposed to taste like that but good crab cakes don't taste fishy.

So yah, my friend who came later, I managed to get her to make a song dedication via the Fish & Co staff. I obviously can't because I was already sitting there and I wanted it to be a surprise. There were some other birthday celebrations going on and they had to wear a lobster suit while holding a fireworks stick and the staff singing to them, which obviously my friend didn't want to because she would kill us, haha. Oh you want to know what song we dedicated to her? It's one of the songs from The Script because I suggested the band since she loves the band (so do I!) and she watched the concert early this year.

Kudos the in-house band, or more like duo, because he can sing so well and the other guy can play the blues guitar so freaking well to. Argh, why am I not as half talented as them, then I can make some extra moolah playing gigs. Ha, like real.

I'm so glad she like the gifts even though we didn't manage to get the charm bracelet from Pandora because it was beyond our budget. But we got her an alternative which, thankfully, they have the charm bracelet as well. Phewhs. Thank God for it! I was so worried we couldn't get at least the next best alternative. Thanks to my friend who helped to accompany me purchase  because I have no freaking clue how to buy jewelleries.

Oh, the best 'bit' after the birthday celebration at Fish & Co, we watched The Conjuring! Argh, it was scary but not too scary where you'll constantly wish the show is over as there's so many heart attack moments. The scary parts are like totally scary making you scream as it just shock you out but it doesn't rely on cheap shock tactics. It's just subtle and then the tension starts building up and the creepy moments until the point of exorcism.

But yah I said the best 'bit' in apostrophe because I believe the best bit is actually my two friends' reactions! They expected me to cower in fear because I obviously don't watch such shows because I hate watching horror movies but somehow other people do and I get sucked into watching them as well in my younger and teenage days. So I kinda like know when to expect but of course, in movies, you can't totally predict everything so I do get those shocked screaming moments too..haha. But you don't call it horror movies for nothing. They were like hugging each other, covering their faces with their shawl and hands, and then saying things like 'why are we watching this movie?!!' haha. They looked at me and thinking what the..you're supposed to be the scared one but you're watching the show with your hands on your handbag and staring at the screen! haha.

It was a simple celebration but what matters is the company that she's  having. Us! haha. By the way, here's the pics!

Charm Bracelet for her!

Her gifts and handmade card..I really dig her red bag. So nice!

me and the birthday girl

Group Shot

Love this shot..she looks like royalty!
Spending time with the girls are always fun. Couldn't ask for more :)

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