Keeping Things Simple as I Age

I realize that I'm not the only one doing this but I guess, age has something to do with it like when you grow older and have children, the last thing  you want is to teeter on high heels while carrying a baby or running after your small children. Okay, that was what a local celebrity mentioned that now that she has young children including a baby, it will be dangerous to carry her baby while walking on heels. Back in the days, she would be on such high heels with no problem.

I don't have children but I could somehow relate that when you grow older, you want things a bit more fuss free because you would rather spend time on other things. I remember when I was younger, or at least in my early to mid twenties, I was so obsessed  with shoes and bags. I practically spend my money on them and even if the pair of shoes didn't quite fit me, if it's pretty..I will somehow squeeze my poor feet into them and disregard the pain when I'm walking in them.

I know I shouldn't be doing this and opt for nicer sandals but nowadays I just tend to like wearing comfy sandals like the type people would walk in when they take off their heels but without the cutesy design and stuffs. It's not flip flops because that's a no no in work place and besides they don't look good with my work clothes. Have you seen Birkenstock's sandals? Then you'll probably have an idea but mine isn't as ex as them. I still want to get them though, probably next month when my mum gives me some money from her CPF handout. Then I don't have to like worry so much because technically, the money isn't from me...haha. Why the sandals, which I'm careful to choose so that they don't look so auntie-ish is because it's easy for me to walk around in the confinement of my office. Plus the tiles can be quite slippery and the fact that it's not carpeted, can be dangerous.

Another thing is my hair. Yup, I went under the scissors and had a hair cut and I foresee I would be keeping this length of hair in future as well. I'm no J Lo whose hair extensions make her look super hot. I do however wanna look as good as her in my forties. No, I won't budge and decide to keep my hair long again. It's easier to maintain, at least for my hairstyle and while it's convenient, not all short hair is easy to maintain. They need regular trimmings especially those stylo mylo kinds but mine is simply the layered up to shoulders length type of hair.

my previous long hair..oooh..miss that thosai

keeping it shorter and sassy....

Forgive the sleepy face and rather flat hair..woke up from my regular night nap. Yes, there's such a thing because I usually do my works in the middle of the night as in making products for my online and offline shop orders.

My nose is still big though.

My make up routine is simple as well. I rely on bb cream because it covers my drab looking skin without that make up feel like foundation does as the coverage is lighter but still does its job well. Concealer is a must as well. I call it instant eye brightener because if your eyes look tired, concealer can help to make you less tired looking besides its other use of covering up blemishes.

Oh yes, and mascara. They are not lying when they say your eyes can say a thousand words so why not dress them up a bit? Hee..I have a few types and planning to get one more. However I need to wait for the money to come in first from my sales so make it like a little treat or something to add on to my mascara container.

I absolutely salute those women who maintain their whole self by having this strong image of themselves with long beautiful lustrous hair, made up face and impeccable outfit. I cannot pull it off. The only times when I can pull it off, or rather attempt to do so, is when I meet up with my good friends and we have to look good. We're not forced to do so but we dress up for the occasions like when we meet up for dinner or movies.

But I still believe that we should still maintain a level of impeccable looks like keeping our hair neat, not wearing curtains as clothes, groomed eyebrows..something in that line. Not to impress anybody but basically you must look and feel good from the inside out. Embrace your beauty :)

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