My Very Few MAC Products

As someone who loves make up although putting them on nicely is another story, I barely have any MAC products. MAC products are famous for their cosmetics and every make up artist or enthusiast will have their products in their collections and even other cheaper drugstore products tend to copy their original ideas and make them affordable, which people like me, would usually stock up on.

I've yet to actually buy one over the counter, except for that one single occasion many years ago, for my mum when she wanted their compact powder. I didn't really like their cosmetics products. Every now and then they will release limited collections where die hard MAC fans will know by hard and also know which products come from which collections.

I can't tell the difference.

Oh, so here are my very few MAC product collections. I am aiming to buy their dimensional powder as a highlighter because I heard rave reviews about how great they are. I do want to get a highlighting powder for that bit of shimmer on the top of cheekbones. Very nice...

Actually I planned to take more pictures but my camera battery died on me. However, I want to highlight the blush which I really like. They're not too heavy on the cheeks and give a nice natural flush in a neutral soft brown tone.

The MAC products I own are:

Rubenesque Paint Pot
Lipstick Yash Matt A90
Lipstick Frost Colour Me Coral
Powder Blush Prim & Proper Satin

Pretty Cover
As mentioned, the only products I like from all of them is the blush. Perhaps next time instead of relying on buying them second hand (yes, they weren't bought by me initially) I should drop by their counter and choose the colour that suits me. I am looking forward to the one at the Galleria in Orchard Road because I heard they are duty-free there. Save a bit of moolah.

I am not sure if I want to expand my make up collections anymore but I may want to get the Urban Decay NAKED palette or the LORAC  pro palette. But I don't wear make up on a regular basis and my work doesn't require me to be so dressed up with full make up and the only occasions I get to 'play' with them is when I go out, which is hardly too.

However those products mentioned seem to be like the top of the crops and I ain't a true blue make up enthusiast if I don't owe them. Ha, I feel so influenced. Plus it's not like I am going to stop buying once I got my hands on them. 

What do you think? $70 over is a bit too much for me to pay for the product but come to think of it, with 10 to 12 colours inside, it's pretty worth it and the colour combinations allow me to experiment with different looks. Well, if it's justified enough, it could very well be in my collections.

Let me update you if I ever get them :)

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