My Daily Facial Routine with Complimentary Clinique Products

My colleague who has been generous all this while with me gave me a box of Clinique products which caused me to have a mini heart attach because we're talking about a high range makeup and skincare line here. For someone who only buy their liquid facial soap, this is such a welcome for me! I love their products because I've used them in the past but they have been getting expensive so I usually just stick to basic cleansing and not the extras such as serum and what not.

When her daughter left Clinique to join another company, I thought okay, my days of getting some free make up and facial products, though not all the time, is over.  However when she left, she got quite of lot of sample products because such companies usually have these not for sale samples to test before they start selling at the stores. She gave me one box of it! Argh, Clinique overload!

Make up products are also included such as the chubby lipstick, mascara and make up remover. Ooh la la. You know me and make up. We're like besties, haha.

The rest are facial products like eye cream, sunscreen, serum, hydrator, which are extra stuffs to help protect your screen. So my facial routine has now changed to include these products.

The moisturizer isn't though. It was what I got through June's bellabox I think because I ran out of moisturizer. The other two are obviously Clinique products. I used them faithfully together. But I have to do it fast fast because my time after my shower to get read for work is very short. I also used the mascara at times (not in picture).

The two Clinique products are from the pore refining solutions which I have no idea if they still sell this collection. I got the stay matte hydrator and correcting serum. I'm usually the sort who doesn't really care if my skin is noticeably different unlike other beauty bloggers who really take note of any changes in their skin such as if there is any improved condition. I just use them as it is because they're good for my skin just as long as it doesn't cause breakouts. Oh, it did initially because I think my skin wasn't used to such fancy products. But it was okay later on after I wait for the mini breakout to subside. The only thing I take note of is if there are annoying pimples on it, ha!

But I believe my skin does look different, as in younger looking? Either that I'm just trying to convince myself, ha.

Of course life would not be complete without make up, haha..and don't quote me on that. It's just the vainpot in me talking.

I actually got this box of goodies few months back but I have been too busy with orders that I don't get a chance to blog about it. Then when I opened the box to take the picture, I realized there was a chubby lipstick inside and I freaking love the shade. It's basically an oversized balm and it has a nice shimmer to it. I may wear it out later when I go out to buy stuffs for the upcoming Raya.

See, it always pays to be nice to others. Not that I am encouraging you to do that to get free stuffs. You should be nice all the time so that good karma will always come your way and your life will be blessed.

I can't thank my colleague enough :) I wish her well in her life too because she's such a good hearted person.

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