Spotting a Gem in A Guy

I was recently involved in the P1 registration and it was definitely a nerve wrecking period for parents who want their children to get into the school of their choice. There are groups of parents who are lobbying for a change in the system to allow more children to be enrolled in the school of choice but like what my manager said, there are enough vacancies for all of next year's P1 school going children. But it's the parents' perspectives in wanting to put their child in a 'better' school despite the emphasis by the government that all schools are good schools. It's a matter of placing them in a school that have their choice of niche programmes unique to each school that are of interest in their children such as sports, arts and etc. How could they say there are not enough vacancies when there are a number of schools that are undersubscribed despite being in the same vicinity of some schools that are oversubscribed. 

Anyway, this blog is not for work talk..haha. This is a very sensitive topic so I shall not talk much about it lest they take my blog context or worse, take it out of context.

So during the registration period, I got to see many different types of couples such as inter-racial couples, couples with obvious age difference and of different nationalities. If you want to be nitty gritty about it, they come in all shapes and sizes..haha. They really open my eyes in terms of how they had fallen for each other despite these differences. Here I am recently thinking that well, guys wouldn't wanna date me because I don't look and behave like a typical Malay lady and I'm certainly so far off from the First Lady girls as seen on tv who modelled the fashion collection of Malay traditional clothes such as the baju kurung. 

But I take it all in my stride because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. As long as I do good, I am nice to everybody although some people may not deserve my kindness but  I believe that if you do good, life and everybody else will be good to you too. Never mind if I don't have typical beautiful features, I still have to live my life and survive somehow rather, with or without a man.

So back to those couples in comparison to the still single me. It's like most people won't put this two together but somehow they got together and form themselves a family unit complete with children. I believe people being people, they may get stares but hell, if you truly love each other, you will definitely see beyond the physical attraction and you start to not care what others think because you definitely see the beauty in the other person from the inside. For girls, we of course want someone who are there for us, supportive and love us unconditionally although for me, other perks will be the knowledge of technical know-how because I'm useless with technical stuffs. 

Anyway, how long can physical beauty last anyway? You won't have that porcelain and wrinkle-free skin as you grow older, whether you like it or not. We're not young forever anyway too.

There was this teacher who is certainly well liked by other teachers including us office staff because he's friendly and so on with his work like you can really rely on him. He doesn't carry any airs and yes, he's still single..haha..although he was previously linked with certain teachers when he first came. I won't say he's the typical good looking guy but he's definitely a nice guy and easy to chat with.

But sadly, he resigned and we're shocked because it's as though we're losing a gem. On his last day, I just casually asked him so any farewell gift for me? =) And he just casually just said, how about a kiss? And me being a paranoia with physical contact including a hug..yes, hug...instantly said 'don't want!' but I knew he was just kidding around lah. I wasn't though..haha. But he said, I just asked you first time and you rejected me! Erm I didn't know how to answer and was just giggling away.

But I felt pretty bad later because I thought that I made him feel like a sore loser. I know he was just kidding about it but the remark really took me by surprise coming from him to me! I mean like who would want to kiss me..haha.

So yah then I thought about it. We are always fed with the media's perception of how the perfect guy should be like, abs and all..or Matt Bomer in a fireman uniform..

or working with his tools..

Matt Bomer is a truly nice guy in real life..

But the perfect guy, well at least I found out recently, is someone who is perfect in your eyes. That now former teacher is obviously a really nice guy, otherwise which company would be so nice to you, after leaving them and then now re-joining them, would wanna pay over $27k for your broken bond just to have you on board in their company? Obviously, he is most welcomed to re-join. If he isn't a nice guy, he wouldn't get a big balloon with many small balloons in the inside and the one who gave didn't want to reveal the identity. He also wouldn't be receiving hampers and having a nice farewell by his former working colleagues.

He will be missed. In his own words, when we casually joked to him about the hamper that he received, he said he would be a good husband.

Sorry if I 'rejected' you. Trust me, you wouldn't wanna kiss me. I not worthy of you! haha. You will find someone who will love you unconditionally because you are true gem :)

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