Saturday, June 15, 2013

Out & About in Universal Studios - MOE Family Day 2013

A little back story. I work for the government and boy, does it have its ups and downs. People say when you work for the government, you are pretty much in a stable job.

Not true. I once got retrenched from a stat board which is also part government. It was gut wrenching although in my next job, I did get to work with the same group of people. However, it was also a turning point in my life. I chose to live it instead and jump ship to the ministry.

I won't say the perks are better. But to me, whatever job I am in,  being public or private sector, I want to do my best and be on top of the game.

One of the perks is getting tickets below the price, but of course with its own set of terms and conditions. Whatever it is, I finally get to go to the  Universal Studios in Resorts World Sentosa..yay & WHEEEEE!! I missed the waterworld show because for the life of me, I couldn't find the place and also because I got distracted by the junior roller coaster ride..heh.

So as promised from a previous post, here's the pictures taken from that day!

I had so much fun...I want to save up so I can go again!!!! The next time round, I want to go on the Human roller coaster. It will be a heck lot scary but it's worth the scare..haha.

Counting the days to my next trip, this time in the day :)

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