It's Thosai Time at Little India

Early this month, my friend and I paid a visit to Little India with two objectives in mind. First, to indulge ourselves in thosai..heh..more specifically, masala thosai which is thosai with potato filling. It was most definitely filling :s but hearty as well!

By the way, it's at the Komala Vilas if you are craving for one too..ha.

Especially after I post these pics! wait, fabulously waiting for food's here!

my friend's dream come true! ok, she just had a craving for it..ha!

pictures courtesy of my friend..because somebody doesn't have instagram..ha.

By the way, our second agenda is basically for my friend to shop for Indian clothings for a wedding of our good friend's brother. Yes, it is an Indian reception and frankly, we were excited about it because it's not all the time we're invitied to an Indian wedding reception. Spoiler alert: the food and entertainment were faboosh! I actually blog about it in a later time.

The whole of the second floor of Tekka market was filled with clothing shops and I don't know how they stay afloat because they pretty much sell the same stuffs. I realized they're not cheap either. But my friend managed to get a no frills Indian costume for just $20. So you really gotta look carefully and not go for those with many many sequins or embellishments if you want to get a cheap no frills, but yet still pretty, traditional Indian wear.

A little bit of trivia. I actually ate the thosai with fork and spoon. Now now, don't judge me.

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