Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting out of Zombie Land Plus Goal Setting

To be honest, I've been pretty zombified recently, well at least in the couple of weeks. I lost two uncles, I attended a funeral and it sorta make me re-think about life like WHAT HAVE I DONE.

Unfortunately, the way I react is that I don't feel like doing anything else. Instead of feeling, oh I think I should do this, I think I should do that, I should lead each day as though it was my last, I chose to NOT do anything else.

Why? Because I'm so tired. I don't know why but I feel so tired. I did manage to snap out of it, yesterday, as I think why I'm leading my life this way is because I don't have a concrete set of life goals. Things that I look forward to and sticking to. I want to earn at least $50.00 in revenue from my online shop but I didn't set out goals on HOW to achieve them. I just want the $50.00.

So I came across a tweet by BJ Fogg

I'm not big on "goals" to change behavior but I am big on helping ppl feel successful. Key: Make goals simple so you can achieve them

I value simplicity because life can make things complicated sometimes. If you don't set goals for yourself, you will be aimless in life, pretty much like myself for the last couple of weeks.


You can do what I did for my online shop which I then plan to do for my other aspects of my life too. Do a mind map. It helps you to focus on what you can do to achieve the main goal. If you go for seminars and courses on productivity, chances are they will teach you the concept of mind mapping.

I didn't take a picture of the simple mind map that I did yesterday for my online shop because my camera battery is flat. But I guess you will be more interested in the mind map in regards to my personal life (Well, at least a snippet of it) so I hope to do one and update this post to motivate you as well.

So one of the things I plan to do is to update this blog regularly and also to do up my scrapbooking and journalling as a pictorial biography of my life. I'm a visual person having such a visual item can bring about good or bad memories in a snippet.

While I'm out planning my life, one of the things I should do is to not fret so much over the little things especially money. Some things you ought to spend money on for the experience like a good dinner at a restaurant. It's not something I do every day or every week even but once in awhile. It's a different ball game from the food I often eat such as having sandwich for lunch on every single week day..haha.

Have you set goals in your life yet?

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