Saturday, April 27, 2013

When The World Stands Still

A quarter of the year has passed and April is going to end soon and already, we have few major events that happened around the world such as the the bird flu in China and Boston bombings. While the world isn't always perfect and unfortunate things happen, it is of course sad when lives were lost in a matter of seconds.

But we tend to take things for granted that at any moment, life can just pull the mat from under our feet. One moment, we are talking to the person or saying goodbye to our loved one, and then the next moment he is lying dead on the pavement or we receive bad news that our loved one is gone. So how do we deal with such life altering intense moments?

The pill is always harder to swallow at first but eventually time heals everything. There is of course the element of not knowing what is going to happen next. I believe no one predicted that there would be a Boston bombing in which everybody does their thing just like every other day...until that faithful moment. It's not something we should have beaten ourselves over but something for us to learn and take quick actions and place tighter enforcements. It may not always work but at least we are taking more vigilant actions that will save lives in the future.

I am glad that they managed to capture the fugitive before he does even more damage. I don't know what goes through the minds of these people who are fighting for the cause they believe in but do not know the damage they will cause or probably don't even care, lest it happen to their own family members. The lives lost, due to their belief in their 'cause', make a mum lose their child, a child who lose their pillar of support and a wife who loses her husband.

On our part, we will never know when is our last day here. We always seem to go through life in a breeze like there are endless tomorrows and I know I am guilty of that too. We also seem to tell ourselves, when major events such as this happen, it will never happen to us. The fact is, anything can happen and worse, happen in a blink of an eye. It really pays to stop and be more aware of what is going on in our lives including being more involved with our family matters and also with our friends and colleagues.

People always say that we should love our family members but yeah, there are some moments where you're arguing with them, you're totally irritated with them or you just think they will disappear someday. Harsh but sometimes because we're so used to them, we don't think compared to when we present ourselves to others. I admit this is a nasty habit and we have the power to control our feelings, not just because life can deal a harsh blow to us some day, but simply because we need to treasure our family members who have gone through ups and downs with  us. Learn to forgive and forget. Of course it is easier said than done and there are times, we just don't want to forgive a person but what's the point. How long are you going to carry the anger over someone because it will just damage you emotionally.

People make mistakes and some of the mistakes are clearly honest mistakes that they sincerely regret. Do we have to continually make them bear the guilt? It's already so difficult to be happy in a rapidly changing world where most people are getting more selfish, couldn't care less about your opinions and needs, put pressure on you to get what they want, why add on to misery.

While some things can't be controlled, while we still can, we just continue being the lovable person that we are, appreciating every precious moment with our loved ones, being kind to others because nothing lasts forever. Hold that thought when your anger rears its ugly head, tame it down, breathe to calm yourself down and concentrate on establishing good relations with everybody. You'll never know someone whom you call a stranger one day, may become an important person in your life or when you lose your loved one forever.

Make this positive change now before it's too late.

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