Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ups & Downs of My Online Business Venture

Yes, I've been pretty busy last week and also this week, making handcrafted goods for my lovely orders. So blessed with every order but of course, what's an online retail venture without its ups and downs. Supposed to get $24.00 and $10.00 respectively but it's so hard. I should have been a bit firm with the girl who want to send me cash using snail mail and now you see, I have a feeling it's lost. Can't be she posted out on Sunday and then had me checking the mail box every single day, which honestly, isn't my favourite thing in the world. I should be firm in a sense that I should have just said that I don't accept concealed cash. My thought is that the girl does not know how to do bank transfer because initially, I did give my banking details but she asked for my mailing address instead.

Then now you see, who is biting her nails, for not getting the munneh? She was kind enough to offer to mail me money again yesterday, probably on her side, she didn't receive her order yet. But I didn't want her to and she suggested bank transfer. I'm like, eurgh, if she has done that and if I had strictly said NO to concealed cash in mail, I wouldn't be in such dilemma. You know, being in this small business where to be honest, I am not doing so good at, but still continuing to enjoy doing it, every single cent count, such as money going in and money going out.

For the other girl, argh, couldn't be too bothered with her already. I am doing extra work just to get $10 out of her, which honestly, isn't that much for the work I put in her notebooks and how she stood me up last Sunday because she forgot. All the way in Tiong Bahru MRT station. Then now I have to make a second trip to Redhill which is roughly the same distance.

For $10.

She has been delaying meet up since March and just as I thought, after her fussiness, including meet up points and timing, she didn't contact me anymore, I'm like 'whatever' already. But then now, out of the blue, she messaged me and I have to deal with her crap again.

So for now, I want to be friendly yet be firm on my terms and conditions. Just yesterday, I got an order for a notebook for $5.00 and while I want to make first and then she will pay later, I decided to stick to my guns and then *gulp* ask for money first before I can proceed. Luckily she said okay, and not go, you do the work first and I will pay you later. I charge lesser than what I spend on although I do try to stick to the budget and maximize the things I have so that the money is well spent and there is little or no wastage. Unless you have 'lobangs' or good deals, scrapbooking, which encompasses many craft related projects, can be an expensive affair.

Oh well. That's how having a business is like. Not every customer is going to be nice to you. Some are nice, like the one guy who is a bit demanding as in he does not want my card link to be on the cards, do not want pictures of the cards to be posted..but he comes back as a repeat customer..TWICE. Then, he had also asked me to do some Mothers' Day card for a fund raising event and he promises to give my facebook link to people who are interested.

So touched *sniff*

While customers can be demanding like the $10 customer, to me it's always important be a nice business owner, whether it is a big or small business. It pays to be nice, though not too nice until you decide to go against your own terms and conditions, because  you'll never know they will come back for more or ask other people to come and visit my humble online shop.

Here's what I've been busy with..some notebook orders =)

Later on, I will be working on some beautiful birthday cards (gosh, I've been saying that but I'm still here blogging *LOL*) and I will be posting them on my facebook page.

While it isn't easy running this online shop while having a full time job, it does bring about its pleasures making them. Business has been slow but took up some pace last week so I'm really proud of it. I hope to get more orders soon, not to say that I want to make more money, but I really enjoy making them though at times, I am so tired I don't feel like it. However, once I get into the game, it's really full on concentration.


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