Family Love & The Start of Schooling Year

Every family is unique and my family is pretty much like every else. We don't have much to live on as in I don't have a high paying job but we can survive. I do get additional income such as the quarterly payouts we get from the maintenance allowance and also from the work bonus that I get thrice a year. Of course, in this job I don't have the 6 or 10 month bonus kind but oh well, whatever amount I get, I am happy because it will also go towards spending on my family's. Not the big ticket stuffs but mostly the basic necessary stuffs to keep us going.

Once in awhile...or like what my mum says, once a year..heh, we will go out for dinner at restaurant and can easily accumulate 70 plus to 80 plus. Of course, I'm always shocked that the food we eat cost that much even though we try to not order the expensive dishes but still, can't run away from the GST and service charge. But yah, like what she said, once a year treat. I don't mind spending that amount but only if I have extra moolah like the said bonus.

The most recent bonus I got was in March and also, we received the quarterly maintenance allowance. We used some of the money to buy new clothes for my brother when he starts school on April 15th in his new school. He doesn't have to wear school uniform anymore which is a headache for my mum but she'll get by. Most of his clothes aren't brand new and has been well worn including some tears because he's that sentimental and does not want to let go of them. Of course my mum has differing opinions and she said that he just started school and he wants to wear the old clothes. She's all about making good first impressions. I'm like my brother too and while I don't quite like it when she takes precedent on what I should wear when I go out with my friends, I sometimes just give in. 

I can't believe we spend almost in total of $200 on his clothes but some of the clothes that we got for him comes with special price which means if we buy more than 1, we get further discount. Plus we don't always spend money on clothes for him. It's like a one time payment for his clothes for the rest of the year. He's quite sick of polo t shirts but my mum still secretly asked me to buy for him another pair and after he found out, he was like why still buy that shirt for me. The previous polo shirt we got for him cost only $10.00 and I think it was tagged wrongly in the system but she still went ahead processing the payment but hey, as long as I pay lesser, I wouldn't mind..haha. I didn't want to tell my mum because she will surely find another excuse to buy and true enough she did. She found out from the receipt..sigh. So hence, this morning she asked me to get another two more. That set me back to $38.00 *yikes*

She wanted to pay me back because she felt bad as she thought it will still be $10.00. Uhm, you can't get that price for a quality polo shirt in Singapore...unless it's tagged wrongly LOL. Then, I felt bad if I take her money again because yesterday, she spent $50.00 on food for us as we couldn't be bothered to go to the Tampines Mall because it was so freaking crowded and it was raining heavily. So we ended up at Tampines One and the only available Halal restaurant was the Korean BBQ Chicken. She knows I most likely won't spend money on restaurant food like this again after our last Swenson's meal so she insisted we used her money.

I believe money can still be earned and I will do my best to work hard for my online shop to carry on with my passion with handmade cards and stuffs which will hopefully bring in the extra dough. Anyway, while he doesn't need to buy a list of textbooks, he may have to buy course notes and he has to pay $25.00 for his course notes for C Maths so yah, hence from now onwards, I have to be extra careful with how I spend my money because I need to keep spare cash for his studies as well as my upcoming studies in October.

The next pay out will be end of June which also includes the government money in the form of GST credits and I found out we will be receiving $500.00 each for my mum and me due to a one time additional top up and that is like wow. So from now until then, I don't have any other additional moolah except for of course, whatever I earn from my online shop.

So here are some pics which we took from Swensons in Parkway Parade before we started shopping for his clothes followed by a meal at the Korean BBQ Chicken at Tampines One.

Mum and her adoring son..

Fun with Ice Cream!

Hearty meal at Korean BBQ Chicken

My brother, after his 2 Day Orientation, in Nanyang Polytechnic which my mum and I went for the Parent's Seminar on the second day. Proud of you. The prayers and your hard work has paid off and you did not give up even after your failed attempt and my inability in giving you tuition to help you prep for the O level. 

All the best for your studies!


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