Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Scrapbooking & Card Making Hobby

Financially, I loved the month of March and uhm...not so much for April and May because there are no benefits, apart from no holidays too..haha. But it's alright. I am quite happy with the money that I have right now, which I'm keeping fingers crossed I'm not touching because it's mostly to fund my studies and also for emergency use. I know I will be saying this and then later, I will somehow use the money because I have 'no choice'. 

I have been guilty however, that I spent slightly more than $100 in March and then close to $100 in April buying the materials for my hobby. I tried not to spend anymore on it when pay comes in last Friday but I can't stop thinking about popping by Papermarket to buy the materials for my scrapbooking and cardmaking until my brain hurts. My colleague is right. Once you get on the bandwagon of this hobby, it will turn into an obsession. Thankfully, I am pretty conscious of what I am buying and try to only buy things that I will defo use and not accumulate into this huge monster pile. Somehow, still manage to squeeze into that small corner of my table so okaylah. But of course, I have to also make a conscious effort to use them more. No more excuses.

Just look at my latest loot *sigh*

From this month onwards, I will only buy when payday comes around just like how I used to do. It will alternate between buying online and buying from a physical store. Occasionally, I will buy from the facebook group provided they are very very cheap and I can't buy them from other places because I couldn't be bothered to buy them in bulk like string pearls. Then, I will make use of the whole month crafting almost daily to use up at least 70% of  them.

Honestly, it's really amazing how more aware you become on how much you spend on when you write. That's how I discover which leads to me making the effort to start using (I've been scrapping almost daily when I get back home from work) and not hoarding. 

I wanna ensure I get a profit when I make the cards to fund back my hobby just like how some make up artists buy make up stuffs but they make use of them because it's part of their job. I wanna be like that too. 

Oh, speaking of which...let me share with you some of the layouts I have done (click for a larger view).

 My layouts, are pretty simple and basic, though I did pick up some useful tips from watching youtube videos. I used to do such things way way before scrapbooking takes a life on its own in Singapore. I called it collage, which of course, can also be done online via picassa. 

I still believe everyone is entitled to spend some money on their hobbies because all work and no play makes one dull. But we have to ensure that it doesn't take up most of the money we earn because there are other more important things to spend on such as our family or to pay off any loans or outstanding bills and also we have to ensure we have money stashed away for the future. It's just like some women who count shopping as a hobby. Yes, it is therapeutic but not when you spend most of your pay on shopping because you are driven by your emotions. 

I will be more determined to be a successful online entrepreneur selling personalized handmade cards, notebooks and now extending to making a small batch of handmade invites. Hence, let me direct you to my online facebook shop *lol*

My Little Card Shop

Even if you're not buying, I appreciate any shares or 'likes' as a way of spreading through virtual word-of-mouth. I mostly post on weekends, like now, because that's when I have more time to really edit photos, post online and update the blog.

I extend my thanks in advance to you :)

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