Monday, April 01, 2013

Celebrating Natasha's Birthday in 2013

My friends are mostly in the thirties. No wait. All of them are in their early thirties already. But all of them, at least I think so, are happy at this stage of their life. There are a lot of changes, definitely, with families or children, and some swinging single people like me..haha. Well, I'd like to think that it is because God wants me to do some soul searching before granting someone to search for me. Trust me, I have a lot of soul searching to do.

Anyway, enough about me. Here are some of the pictures taken after our yearly karaoke session..woo! Love karaoke by the way.

Oh yes, I also like to throw in some 'extra's and this time, I gave her a handmade frame. Actually, this corkboard mount frame was given to me some time back and she wanted me to finish decorating it. Hrm, instead of throwing it away, why not make something out of it yah?

I didn't plan out anything when I made this collage but I guess I watched enough videos and seen enough pictures to have some ideas in my head. Happy she likes it :)

Spending my money on them and with them is worth it. We get to bond and strengthen our friendship despite our busy schedules with work, studies, family and other friends. This is one priceless friendship where the value is simply priceless.

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