Blast from the Music Past

I love love LOVE you know, those kind of music, where you get to jam, sing along, and the best thing is that...ten years down the road, I somehow still know the words to these song. Hence, why yearly karaoke sessions are held in my life...haha. I love all kinds of music but while it's hard to sing along to rock music, except those with killer lines, the songs from boy bands were of course easier to sing to..and yes, get all emotional over it because teenage hormones were all the rage back then.

While I personally don't have a love life (I still don't..*LOL*), I have numerous crushes and listening plus singing along to these songs make me feel so mushy inside.Of course, while my love life was and is non existent, I experience disappointment, anger, resentment and so on dealing with family and friendship woes..and also, school woes. Oh woe me. Music somehow speak volumes of my emotions which words can't comprehend. 

Other than that, some boyband members are so good looking they make us female fans gush over them over and over again. Of course, some girls like those edgy bad boy type of looks or those clean cut looks and the girls who choose sides are basically friendly rivals..not.

So am I a sentimental fool? 

Actually, I am not but I love singing along to the words which I will look up from the internet. Back then, there was no you tube, but there were illegal downloading sites like Napster and some people back then even charge those without internet access (home internet wasn't so popular back it's dial up...super sloooOOoow) for these downloaded songs which they would then 'burn' into a CD. I never get to pay them but I did get a few CDs thanks to kind friends. It pays to be nice.

So yah, I listened to this local radio station Kiss 92fm and wow, when I heard song after song of nostalgic sounds  (Gosh I sound so ancient now), I'm like argh..I love this song! Yes, back then I listened to a lot of songs despite having a full day of school but it was around that time, they started playing music for 24 hours and then it was almost every night I would wake up to study and then having music to accompany through the night. Studying and of course..erm...doing homework at the last minute and chatting..heh.

I guess now I understand why people would say that music nowadays isn't like music back then because it's so true! Like, honestly I don't understand what Nikki Minaj sings half the time. Sure there are quality music coming from young artists like Adele & Joe Brooks and who doesn't know Taylor Swift. Boyband craze still rages on like One Direction who even *gasp* have their own wax figurines in the famed Madame Tussauds wax museum. Scary but true. But nowadays, they don't call these kind of bands, comprising of young and good looking guys, boybands anymore. The fans have their own fan names like how my brother says I'm a Belieber and I call him a Directioner..heh..Back then, we call ourselves Mrs something like Mrs Chasez like how many millions of wives can one boyband member have? So competitive.

Wanna reminiscensce the past with me?


Nowadays, I don't have a particular genre or a particular singer or band though the members of Lawson are like so good looking...and I just like music in general though sheepishly, I wasn't like back then when I do listen to indie music. I used to also baulk when these indie music got into mainstream radio like no fair..they are so commercialized now. 

But music is's meant to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

So what do you listen to back then compared to now? =)

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