Weekend Project & A Shot at Happiness

I like my new hobby..okay more like a revamped hobby..though last week, I didn't get down to making a decent card except for a small tiny one. But I discovered another new thing instead, personalised notebooks. I got this idea from a website that sells handmade products such as this and they are beautifully designed and I loved them.

Actually I tried to do a step by step thing..not a tutorial coz it was my first attempt too...and my phone battery died half way. I only managed to get these shots. But through out, I shall write some captions.

Okay I don't have that much of moolah to start off with though I managed to get some knick knacks along the way that don't add up much and yet when done creatively, added some DIY dimensions to my craft project.

Started with a cheap notebook. Placed doubled sided tapes all over it.

Using a pretty recycled gift wrap with a paper base.

I used a patterned paper and cut little scallops with a patterned scissors..or whatever you call it.

Drew out this panel using another patterned paper for the name stickers.

Added some embelishments like a bow,  stickers and cut out designs from a scrapbook paper.

I made this fabric flower myself using scrap fabric.

I bought this cheap letter stickers and noticed the purple rose? I made myself too using recycled ribbon.

The whole project done! Oh, lace details is from Daiso & stickers I bought from years ago.
How awesome is that? =) First project, yo! 

Sometimes you can't write down creativity but you can get the basic layout down and then add on. This is my style anway, ha! I would say..the go with the flow style.

While I love pretty card designs and learn a lot from them in terms of style, I always felt that at some parts, they're kinda boring and generic despite the handmade theme. Okay why is this so? Basically coz I think that many people are just copying other people's designs and to me, the best designs usually come from the heart. They don't always have to be perfect because these little imperfections make them more personal and more special.

Well many of us start of copying the style of someone else so it's no big deal but along the way, you will learn to adapt it to your very own style.

And yes who says you need to get those expensive materials. On a small budget you can think out of the box and get only the essentials to jazz up your designs including using the things that you already have. Money saving.

Later on I will be making a card for the said colleague's birthday. Gonna try to clock it in about half an hour because I need me some beauty sleep, haha. 

Moving on, I've been quite on a down low this month in terms of blogging. I seriously have a writers' block. I hope things will get going for me in terms of my own life. I believe that happiness lies in my own hand. How you want to lead your life depends on you. Sometimes you need a bit of push or motivation in life to get going and despite the many setbacks that you may experience, take it as a learning experience towards your goal.

I still aspire to lose weight and today I have started to eat healthier snacks in replacement of sugary treats. If I don't want to put up with the blubbers on my body, I ought to do something about it. I'm giving myself up to my next age of 31 to see some results. I don't want to be this size anymore in my thirties especially when at this age group, your body's metabolism slows down a bit unlike when you are in your twenties. I would still wanna be hot when I enter my forties, haha. Long way still to go.

So what keeps you motivated?

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