Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Life is Hard But Meaningful

Sometimes life can be so hard..yes it's true...but somehow there is no way that we can just let it hurt our pride and make us dreadfully unhappy. We just have to learn to make compromises, even have to sacrifice while actively look for help and solutions to our problems. 

But we must always remember that for every misery that we are in, there are other people who are in  a worse situation than us. Honestly I don't know why do I sometimes end up making bad decisions but it's all part of the learning process. In the spur of the moment where I don't think hard enough and make poor decisions, things can go downhill. I would also be driven by a sense of desperateness that make me do things that I shouldn't do but I had to. 

Still there is no use crying over spilt milk, right?

Sigh. Such is the complications of life. Honestly I'm not seeking fame or fortune or even popularity. I don't care if nobody reads my blogs. I usually sort out my thoughts here because writing takes away the pressure of thinking and wallowing in my problems.

Remember I said that there are people who can be in far worse situations than you are in now? Take for example, this family who sometimes have no money at all, that their children have to walk the far distance to school instead of taking public transport as they could not afford it. So during the long journey, she said they would make small talk so that the children do not feel bored. The important thing is that they go to school, have a good education so that they will not be as poor as they are right now.

You see. Poverty shouldn't stand in the way of a good education. Those that have the luxury of being provided good tuition support, chauffeured to school and back home, given lunch money and be able to take  part in different paid co curricular activities should be grateful. Not every kid has such priviledge. Unfortunately, many kids are sheltered emotionally and physically by their parents which in turn make their children behave unruly and say such colourful  language because they are not able to control their emotions. They  don't treasure what they have. Instead they chose to be defiant.

A pity indeed.

Not only children, there are many adults as well that do not appreciate what life has to offer to them and how life can be good to them compared to others who struggle to make ends meet every single day. Why don't we just take a breather and don't get agitated always and be mindful of what we say or do. For once don't be so self centered.

I grew up in hardship and even though both parents worked when I was young, they toiled a lot so they don't heap luxuries on me. Only on certain occasions such as when my father gets a bonus that I get to have a slightly more expensive toy. But that's about it. I thrived on a simple livelihood and I didn't mind it although my parents felt that they didn't provide me enough like I was missing on something.

 If you are like me struggling to put food on the table with an average income, and having difficulties coping with the rising costs, don't give up. Try to seek for help or seek other avenues where you can get additional income to supplement your current income. At times we have to sacrifice our time or even our sleep but we should reap what we sow. Or else, live a simple livelihood and don't always think that you are missing out when your friends get to spend their moolah on new shiny gadgets or new clothes or shoes. You are not missing out. .When the timing is right, you also can have new shoes or clothes and if you can save a bit more, you can get that dream gadget.

But while you get there, don't forget to be appreciative of what you have such as the love from your family and friends. They don't cost a thing but they are indeed priceless. Some days, people will see the kindness in you and see you as the nice person that you are that sometimes, they will show their appreciation back to you.

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