Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Birthday Card for a Dear Colleague

My friend celebrated her birthday today and I don't know whether she's lucky that her birthday falls less on the 28th instead of the 29th Feb where you should know the latter date is the leap year. If not then she has to wait every four years to celebrate it! 

Okay so I think that she's worth making a card for..and uhm worth staying up super late to make the card. Like in my previous post, I don't really plan but just go with the flow. You know one day, if I make enough moolah from my cardmaking adventures, I can reinvest the money and make better cards using specialized products. Of course, the best designs don't always have to depend on such products. Like Spongebob says..use your 'IMAGINATION'...heh heh.

So to my dear colleague who is also like a mother to me (which my own mum dubbed my Chinese mother), have a blessed birthday. I'm super glad to have you as my colleague..which is good..and bad in the sense that now, I find it harder to get out of this place, haha. Okay just kidding.

Hoping your like our gifts too!

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