Finally Seeking Help from CDC

On the 1st of Feb, I have finally sought help. I actually went to see the CDC or the Community Development get some sort of financial help. I've always felt that I was in no position to get help from them because there are other people who are of even more dire financial conditions than me but I do need help so I just went to approach them one fine day after going to my brother's school to see the teacher regarding his re-admission.

I have problems coping financially so to me it is a move I should have done yonks ago. However I didn't expect to be bombarded with so many questions as the officer was so thorough :s that I got nervous and I left out some important financial facts. But I just hope she gets the gist of my problem and do offer me some help. I have no idea how exactly they are offering me help as I have to wait for a month before I get some reply on whether my application is successful. If it is not, then I may have to make a second trip and this time, bring the necessary important documents that I didn't manage to bring the last time.

Anyway, I heard that while they may offer help, most of the time it is of temporary relief. They want you to be independent so that you don't rely on constant help to get by. But they do still allow you to re-apply again should you need further help. They also help to link you up to other agencies that can  offer you help as well. 

I don't have much to say as of now because I don't know about the outcome of my application yet. I do hope that they will provide me the help that I need, especially in terms of finance. 

I will talk more about this later when I get the letter from them. Let's hope they approve my application.

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