Monday, February 20, 2012

Card Making is My New Hobby

Yes people, finally I found something that I enjoy doing! Okay I have always enjoyed making cards but then you know laziness takes over my poor brain and body that I simply hate doing anything except having my face infront of the laptop or lying down. Anyway, I have embarked on this new project after years of putting it off although there were times that I actually did make an effort (when I was too poor to get a decent looking present) to produce DIY cards that comes from the heart.  So it is totally not a lost effort.

However, I have tried different methods of making cards that have enhanced my creativity and also add some dimension to my artwork...more like using embellishments similar to that of scrapbooking. Honestly it is hard for me to find decent embellishments that do not burn a hole in my pocket. My gosh, they're so pricey! But I think it is still possible to make nice looking cards or a scrapbook layout if you can buy selectively on a tight budget and also to make some of the embellishments yourself. Seriously the you tube is like a treasure trove...and I realize that they're not just useful for me to watch soap dramas and make up videos..heh heh.

So these were the materials that I got once I got my pay slightly more than a week ago...

I got them all for less than $20 actually...a mixture of Daiso and one scrapbooking shop in Plaza Singapura.

Made with Love

There are so many things there, I always find it a hassle to look for the things that I want to find but then you can always ask them which I actually did. I'm a very chop chop..let's go kind of person. There was one woman who bought so many scrapbooking papers that after 5 or 6 people had paid and gone away with their purchases, she was still there with one of the cashiers attending to her. Wow.

So! Wanna see my cards? :D

Just a brief story on them. I made them and give away to friends. I think the idea of making cards for Valentine's Day just spurred me to make them. The first card  I made, I spent a little over an hour and it was quite messy as I had to use a stamping method which is a new method for me and I had ink all over my hand :( I was also in a hurry and hence the messiness. Sigh. Oh well, there's always a first time.

Click for a larger view

I have improved on my stamping! I stamped the flower..I can't draw for nuts.

A second attempt. For the first attempt, I spill glitter glue on the card :(

A card that includes sewing embellishments...I could sew buttons and a decent ribbon.

I made these hastily before meeting card adventures started soon after.
This week, I will embark on another card project for an upcoming birthday. I thought I will try my hand at making a living out of it. Ok not really. Just make a couple of moolah. We just see.

Pretty? :D

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