Monday, July 28, 2008

Tantrum Throwing Mum

Hey pokies,

that sounded a little vulgar but that's my greeting to you fellow popz fans. Okay it's a Monday so Im allowed to be a bit delusional. Anyway, I had a fun time during the karaoke session last Sat and I shall put up some photos later taken by my friends and do a write up on it though I dont think it will be a long one (like how I ramble usually on my posts) coz I dislike recapping a past event.

So my weekend was pretty much okay. I spent the Sunday morning at the gym despite dragging my feet to the place and went through the whole thing for one and a half hour like some routine. But actually, despite waking up extra early to go there (which accounts for the sulkiness), it wasn't such a bad time to go there compared to a Saturday. Infact, I thought it was better as it wasn't as packed. I think, most people like me, would rather sleep late on a Sunday morning.

And after that, when I went to a mall to get some groceries, I called my mum. And then speaking halfway through, she threw a 5 yr old kid tantrum again when she said why I didnt know what to get for my brother on a Sunday. I mean I get for him an assortment of things which changes every Sunday for his quick bite so when I say Im not quite sure, she became angry and started screaming.

So I called back again the second time and she didnt answer and I tried again. I mean, seriously, Im not going to go home empty handed and hear me scream twice as hard again. Then I said I usually buy for him different food and then I started naming the usual things I bought and dammit, I had to mention BK (Burger King) and she said 'that one, ah! the one you just said'. So it was quite a shocker to me like, since when I buy for him BK every Sunday now?!

I know I do at times but that is usually when I just got my pay so it was still alright to buy for him food from there. But this is the time when my budget is running low and she knows that coz she has been going on and on about how we are going to survive at least until end of this month. I said hold on first and dont get so worked up. I said I will try to work around a small budget and I thought I got her understanding and I guess I was wrong.

Sometimes I wonder when will she snap out of her childhood where she yearned to have a taste of luxury food because I suppose she has tasted whatever she craved back then. Mariah said she was just being menopausal and I can tell ya, if she's like that for someone nearing 50, I wonder how I am when I reach that age.

God forbids I become like her.

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