Friday, July 25, 2008

Free Lunch

Unbelievable. Two back to back posts on a week night. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm a bit happy that my budget didn't go out of the way this week which is a rarity I tell ya. But it is quite hard for me also because I find myself going to two supermarkets instead of just one. Some regular things I buy are not found in one supermarket so I have to buy from the other one and there are some things that are sold cheaper in one than the other. It wouldn't be a big deal for me if it is on a weekend instead of weekdays because I will be so tired after one long day at work and imagine going up and down two supermarkets which, by the way, are not located that near each other.

But with the rising inflation, we have to be calculative. And in my case, even more so because I come from a single income family so we have to learn to survive and my mother is also helping me to budget but her being her, she still has her quirks like some items are a must buy or there are some things that I dont have to get everyday like bread but in a space of a few days, I have to get them. She's also particular about brands such as rice but thankfully, she doesnt cook a large quantity of it so we can survive on two small packs per week or even just one. So in my books, I just have to find cheaper alternatives of these regular items which she thankfully doesn't kick a big fuss out of it (unless I forgot to buy).

Speaking of rice, I was so happy the other day I managed to buy a small packet of rice grains at a cheaper price. It is on discount until the end of next month and it is quite a discount for being almost a dollar off. Woopee!!

Gawd I sound like a housewife with ten children.

It will be great though if the budget can be extended until Saturday evening for that karaoke thingey followed by dinner if we have time. But fat hope so I have to start on a new budget. Oh well, it is about time anyway coz next week is approaching. Generally, I like to take things slow every single day but in terms of budgeting, it helps to think few days ahead..heh.

Anyway, God is great. There's always a give and take. He may not have given me an opportunity to watch Singfest with my friends, but He managed to round them up for the karaoke session. And also, I ran out of bread (which I always do towards the end of the week) and what d'ya know, a teacher handed me a box of fried chinese style noodles coz she had lunch already and she didnt need the lunch from the canteen. I thought of bringing it back home and share, but I had a brainstorm somewhere in the late evening, while packing my things to go home, that I can eat it for the next day.

Even though it's yellow noodles with a smattering of kway teow noodles, which I hardly eat and wouldn't buy anyway, but hey, beggars cant be choosers. So yah, thank you God for the free lunch :) especially when You know I wont even spend two bucks on canteen food but I would love to eat them.

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