Friday, July 04, 2008

CSI Miami Season 6 Opener

I watched the first episode of Season 6 and Im so happy! I was this close to not being able to watch it but I managed too. My thoughts? It didn't open with a 'bang' but still something to ponder about that Horatio Caine has a....son?! *gasp*

But it didnt sit well with the boy that Horatio was calling him 'son' as in his usual way of calling boys of his age like some fatherly figure. He didnt understand why Horatio called off the police chase on the coast but felt that he should not stand in his way. Apparently, his poor family upbringing (he was brought up by foster parents who could not care less about his existence) made him to be somewhat independent and easily falling into the trap of people with ill intentions who saw an advantage of boys his age to carry out their crimes such as transporting of drugs and kidnapping.

But of course, they dont get away that easily even though technically, they didnt do the crime but they're the mastermind behind it and therefore the sentence will be heavier.

What's interesting about yesterday's episode was that it guest starred the actor from 7th Heaven. Im not one to watch such shows that normally span over several seasons depending on how popular they were and viewers would get to see the children growing up and drown underneath the harsh pressure of being Hollywood stars in real life.

Well one of the children from 7th Heaven was in this show though it was a far cry from his character in the former show. But it is one of the things they do to break out and foray into playing more matured roles to be treated as a serious actor.

So if you had watched Seven Heaven and no, rahayu wont judge you, remember this kid?

I think he was the blonde middle one or something...

And he looked like this when he acted in yesterday's episode (extreme right)

Oh, that's Jessica Biel in the middle who maybe you would recognise a lot better *cough* Justin *cough*. She has always been beautiful and do you know that she's a talented singer as well? One time she sang on the show infront of a dancing crowd and everyone thought that for a 13 yr old, she sure can sing so well that it was almost unbelievable. Pfft...I did better and I believe at that time, I could sing like an angel at only..12 yrs old?

Actually there were guest actors in CSI and all its franchisees that audience would have probably recognised one time or another. Like hello...even Kevin Federline was in CSI okay?

Oh! Oh! I did a montage for CSI:Miami


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