Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rediscovering Writing & Cutting Down My Reliance On Social Media

I started writing again in my journal when I came across an old notebook where I did some creative writing and then reminisce about the time I didn't have any internet at home. I didn't even have a computer. At some point, I did have and back then was the dial up internet, lol. But it was still a form of entertainment, at a much slower speed, haha.

Anyway, I was also thinking how simpler life was back then and how less dependent we were on our phones and the internet. So I relied on writing and there was no online journal so I wrote inside my notebooks. Honestly it was quite embarrassing reading through them but these pages shaped my world back then.  I stopped writing for quite a while this year because I didn't feel like it. It's also as though I'm repeating myself. I would say that I promise to do this or that but never seem to come around and do something progressive. I feel as though I reset my life so many times without any much progress. So perhaps I would take my writing to a different level by actually making it about what I can improve and what can I do to slowly move towards my goals in life. 

I read an email recently about how we start to be consumed more and more by social media. We spend a huge chunk of our time on entertaining ourselves by watching other people's lead their lives online and binge watching popular dramas. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong watching these but not when it consumed too much time and then it's like we are stuck in a timezone or something when we tell ourselves we should stop..after this video or episode..and then three videos later, we are still at it, lol.

Another dangerous thing is when we start to compare our lives with those people online, main social influencers, who seem to have everything in life and much more. Free stuffs, money, house and car..all the material goods that people work years to get and yet they get them at a very young age, mainly early twenties when most of us are still struggling to make our mark in the career world. 

But this is where we should stop comparing and start living. Remember that what they show us on social media or the youtube is not a 100% of what goes on behind the scenes. They may be working just as hard as us but don't tell yourselves you're not working as hard as them and that's why you don't get such perks. 

First of all, be your own star. The sky is the limit. We must take charge of our lives and stop harping about how lucky some people are. I watched a show recently that showcased about people with disabilities and how they overcome the difficulties and choose to remain positive while pursuing their interests, proving to other people that they can achieve their dreams as well.

That how about us able bodied people who take life for granted or choosing to focus on the negativity or what we can't have. We get upset and start lamenting how unfair life is instead of celebrating what we already have and that there are other people who are more unfortunate than us and yet, are still happier than us.

So before I go on and on, another thing I want to do is a vision board. And try as much as possible, to blog, learn new skills, journal of course, keeping up with my fitness routine and continue running my online shop. I have full admiration for people who always seem to have their life together despite how busy their schedules are and how many hats they are juggling. They seem to know what they want, have so much focus and eliminate or reduce the other things that are distracting them from what they want to do.

Today is the last day of the 2nd month of 2018. So we will be officially move in to March and to be honest, I like March. Of course some years I disliked March but I hope *fingers crossed*, this coming March I will get a good performance bonus. I hope to keep most of it away for education, after paying my never ending debt that is. This will also be the first time it would be based on my performance at my new work place. I hope I did well :)

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