Monday, February 05, 2018

A Trip Down to Light to Night Festival 2018 : Civic District

Last week, my brother and I went to an outdoor event called the Light to Night Festival 2018 at the Civic District area. So it turned into a host of colours in various parts of the Civic District attracting crowds, both local and foreign. Nearby, there was a line up of stalls selling various food and trinkets and even though the entrance was quite muddy due to a slight rain and foot traffic. 

The National Gallery transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours and it was also an interactive event as visitors could stomp on these special platforms that would supposedly light up the colours. I liked watching the colours change on the building facade but I liked it more when you could see the light in different depth creating 3D effects which I didn't see in these light exhibitions. But I guess the emphasis was more on colours so I can't complain much, haha.

Further down, there were several other buildings as well and they too transformed into these colourful blocks such as the Old Parliament House. We rested awhile and decided to venture to the food stalls to get just one drink. Honestly we are not big on these food stalls but we could not say NO to this milk tea drink from Broti. You can see how big the cup was and it was only $4.00. Worth the queue, hehe.

There were other minor light installations including one in the tunnel which were quite an instant hit with the millennial as it was instagram worthy. It was pretty dark so you won't see how big I was in that tunnel shot.

You know what would be better? If there was a movie screening at the Empress Lawn just like during the New Year's Day eve. I joked with my brother if my butt imprint was still on the stairs since we sat down there for almost 2 hours while watching the movie in the rain. He said no but there was an dent. Pfft.

Anyway, I liked going to such free events because well, it is free, and it also offers something different to explore around on a weekend. The best way to find out about such events is by keeping a lookout for such big posters when you're in town or when you are checking local websites on the internet that are abreast of such events for your upcoming adventure with friends and family.

I am not sure what is the next event but I can always trust my brother to sniff out such events because the ol' me would rather just stay home and surf youtube.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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