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Star Wars Day at Gardens by the Bay 06 May 2017


I have been absent from my blog awhile mainly because my mind is blank on what to write. But let me try to update this blog regularly and will start off with this post where I went to Gardens by the Bay. For the first time, we celebrated Star Wars Day here and there was a huge turn out and initially it was scary. Why so?

First thing first, we had to cross the long bridge to get to the other side of the bay where the celebration was in full swing. It was so packed and it was the only way to go there. Packed was one thing. The other thing was that, there was crowd control so everyone packed on the bridge and at one point towards the middle, the bridge started to sway.

I had been on that bridge a few times and never knew the bridge could sway like that because I always felt it was rock solid. So when it started to do that, and movement was already slow because there were crowds of people moving in and another crowd from the other side moving out. At one point, the bridge was overlooking the waters and swaying so my imagination ran wild like what if the bridge collapsed and all of us would fall into the waters. Now I do not know how deep the waters were but a collapse will sure to bring about injuries, what with such a large crowd.

I kept praying and praying and managed to move to the sides and held on the side bar as I walked though it brought little comfort. At last, we crossed over and solid ground never felt so good and the people behind me felt the same way too. So there was crowd control when a security person stopped the oncoming crowd from going up the bridge yet. And in the most dodo moment, there were people still asking the guy why they could not go yet. He said it's for safety reason. I don't understand some people like why can't they just wait. People are so willing to risk their lives so easily nowadays by not caring much about safety.

After that nightmare, we had to rush to the light show where the super trees were converted to giant lightsabers in multiple colours which 'danced' to the famed themed music of Star Wars. It was quite spectacular and the ending was so epic, like how the lightsaber sounded when it swooshed. After that, we started to walk around. Though it was crowded, we still could walk around comfortably and we saw displays of collectors' items that were collected over the years ever since the start of the Star Wars movie. Obviously they were away from itchy fingers and most were enclosed in containers because these would cost so much money for the collectors especially those extremely rare ones.

There were also several cardboard standees around complete with background of popular characters from the Star Wars franchise. There were those with lines of people awaiting to take their photos. We took a few but basically those had either one or two or none waiting in line, hehe.

There was also a silent disco in the centre field where people had put on headphones with neon lights and even though it was silent, at one point, the crowd was singing to the chorus of a popular Backstreet Boys song.

It would not be complete without the replica of one of the robots from the movies (or at least I thought it was a robot, hee) and also, selling of the merchandise. There were t shirts, toys, miniature robots that come with remote control and lego sets. According to my brother, these are the limited edition ones. Obviously they were not cheap but if the price will be lowered once they start selling these in the shops.

On the other side, there was a movie screening of the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise. While we were walking there, the Star Wars run was finishing and we were almost ran over by the runners who were wearing the Star Wars shirt that probably came with the goodie bags. Speaking of which, these were the legit runners who finished the run. But throughout our walkabout, we already see many runners adorning these shirts that we assumed were in it because of the goodie bags only. Whether they did run, well at least some part of it, or just collected the bags, I don't know. But the shirts were so cool to have.

We didn't stay long for the movie and proceeded to move out from the Garden which was always a difficult thing to do because there were not enough signages around to lead us to the nearest MRT. But my brother had to rely on his past experiences there to help us get out and take the bus instead. I have become so reliant on him for directions nowadays, hehe.

Overall I had fun even though I am not a fan in the beginning. But you know, it was free anyway plus it gave us a unique experience. Hope you had fun when you went there too!

Below are the pictures from our trip there.

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